Catalogue features specialty gifts from coastal themes to desert themes and more.

July 19, 2023

Rock Rapids, Iowa-based gifts and decor wholesaler, Sincere Surroundings, is thrilled to announce the release of its highly anticipated Regional Collections Catalog. With an impressive range of specialty gifts inspired by coastal themes, desert motifs and everything in between, Sincere Surroundings continues to captivate customers with their diverse and personalized offerings.

“Sincere Surroundings is excited to present our customers with our latest Collections Catalog,” says Michelle Leuthold, founder of Sincere Surroundings. “There is a need to ensure stores stand apart in the marketplace and we have the ability to help our partners do just that with our personalization and complete customization options. We thrive in niche product offerings. From balloon festivals to zoos, aquariums, butterflies, botanicals and so much more, we are able to help stores stand out with our unique, custom offerings.”

In 2023, Sincere Surroundings has added over 500 new designs to its personalized gift and decor options for souvenir stores and gift shops. Designs include beautiful art depicting dessert themes all the way to strawberry festivals and aquariums. The catalog has something for every buyer at every price point, according to the company. In addition to the unique and colorful design elements, many of product offerings can be personalized down to location coordinates adding a thoughtful element to gift and souvenir purchases.

The release of its New Collections catalog further solidifies Sincere Surrounding’s dedication to offering an extensive and diverse range of items that inspire customers to create spaces they love.

The new Regional Collections Catalog is available at