Las Vegas Market presented “Best Booth” Awards to six temporary exhibitors, in recognition of exceptional merchandising and visual ingenuity, with Jitana receiving a special “Best of Show” distinction. The Winter 2024 Gift & Home temporary exhibits ran through Jan. 31, 2024, at the Expo at World Market Center Las Vegas.

Winners are:

Best of Show: Jitana

Represents the highest level of achievement through use of all categories of visual excellence into one cohesive and holistic visual presentation.

Best Product Merchandising: Hamoy

Recognizes a sales-oriented display that successfully showcases and cross-merchandises product lines to promote sales. All elements of visual merchandising – lighting, signage, product display – are employed for greatest impact.

Best Branding Display: Ross Alan Lumber

Represents distinct and memorable branding that successfully communicates the company’s brand through signage and special fixtures.

Best Interactive Elements: FLIKR Fire

Incorporating elements that captivate buyer attention and prompt engagement and encouraging immersive experiences with the product line.

Best Use of Color: Holiball The Inflatable Ornaments

Employing color to elevate product presentations and integrating different tones and hues throughout the display.

Best Storytelling: BAREBONES Living

Using visual merchandising to narrate the story of the product(s) and company, attracting customers, inspiring engagement with products and representing unique brand stories.

Best booth judge, Rob Pearce of Rob Pearce Designs, considered merchandising, storytelling, brand identity, color and interactivity in determining winners. Pearce is a veteran of the wholesale tradeshow design industry, offering services such as design planning, lighting, finish and material selection and more.

Beginning in 2024, ANDMORE’s best booth awards are reimagined to recognize excellence across six categories of visual merchandising within temporary exhibits at its Atlanta, Las Vegas and High Point campuses. Award winners and exemplary designs will be showcased in marketing, social media and public relations activities before, during and after each market.

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