Frames, stationery, cards and calendars have been racking up the sales for more than a century at Corrick’s Stationery & Gifts.

June 28, 2023

Corrick’s Stationery & Gifts in California’s wine country has been a staple in the Santa Rosa, California, community since 1915. Known for carrying an array of unique and hard-to-find products, from stationery and fine gifts to artisan hand-crafted local goods, residents and tourists enjoy visiting the store for gifts, home goods, books, games, and office and art supplies.

Keven Brown, a fourth-generation co-owner of the store along with wife Jeri, says frames, calendars, stationery and gift wrap categories are top sellers for the store.

“They are all strong for us,” Brown says. “We carry lots of different brands in each area.”

The store also does well with frames in a range of price points: silver high-end frames such as Reed and Barton, and the Italian American made Galaffi, “as well as the more every-day Malden frames, among others,” Everyday frame style are typically self-purchases, while higher-end frames are given as gifts, according to Brown.

There are so many frames for sale at the store that they are displayed in their own department. “They’re cross-merchandized in our window display, too,” he notes.

Everything under the sun

The calendar selection is nothing short of impressive. Pomegranate’s picture calendars are a big seller along with Cavallini out of San Francisco. The store also sells business calendars.

California-themed stationary is paired with similar-themed mugs at Corrick’s.

“We have at least 20-plus different vendors for our calendars, and we start every year when calendar sales are the strongest with about 400 to 500 different designs,” he explains. “For calendars, we carry everything under the sun.”

“They have a need for backup for their phones, and that’s why business calendars still do well,” Brown explains. “And picture calendars are desired as attractive for the wall.”

When it comes to gift wrap, Corrick’s has that covered, too.

“We have such a diverse selection of items. That’s what we do, we bring in lots of variety and choose interesting, unique merchandise.”
— Keven Brown, Corrick’s

“We carry Papyrus, Caspari, and the imported Rossi brand,” says Brown. “They all do well for us. And in stationery, along with Cranes, those Fresh brand cut paper pop-up floral bouquets are an amazing new line we just got in.” He adds, “We are always looking for new and exciting products for these categories.”

Enough to go around

“Paper goods and calendars also have their own sections, in fact, picture calendars and business calendars are in two separate areas,” says Brown.

Selecting themes or prints for gift wrap and stationery, is all about creating a varied mix. “We have regional themes that represent the area, and we often use local printers and artists,” he asserts.

The 14,000-square-foot store allows plenty of display space for the varied items that Corrick’s carries — and ample room for visitors made up of locals and out-of-towners. The store is right down the street from the popular Russian River Brewing Co. According to Brown, when there is a new introduction at the brewery the line can be blocks long. Many of those patrons stop in the store.

And while customers may be coming in for those lower-priced card and stationery items, they often leave with much more in hand.

“Cards and stationery draw people into our store, and even if they are coming simply to purchase cards, they’ll look at our other wonderful gift items, like cashmere scarves, jewelry, or art, and their interest will be piqued,” explains Brown. “We have such a diverse selection of items. That’s what we do, we bring in lots of variety and choose interesting, unique merchandise.”