Wikki Stix Offers Materials to Help Kids Unplug

Wikki Stix sponsored a day for children to activity play rather than be engaged with screens in late September, but the company promotes this type of play year-round too.

National Unplugged Play Day, where kids were encouraged to “Unplug it! Turn it off! Take a break! Be a Kid!” was held September 29. For the commemoration, Wikki Stix provided play day materials to participating toy stores, many of which have play areas. The company always offers these types of materials to stores, so shops can hold their own Unplugged Play Days any time. And the business is offering parents, for $5, enough play materials for eight children to get unplugged at home.

(For more information, call 602-870-9937 or email kclark@wikkistix.com.)

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