The Nature of Business – October 2018

Scott C. Borowsky

Cooperation among staff members is key to success in any business, and we see this concept in many of the interviews conducted for the articles in SGN.  In the stories, your colleagues from a cross section of retail job functions let you into their operations by discussing the trends, strategies and success tips  that make up their organizations’ business pictures. 

These independently produced articles are in addition to the latest product news and occasional special trade show sections. (This issue features two such sections that are packed with original stories.) The variety of pieces featured in each edition are crafted by SGN’s contributing writers with you in mind: the retailers who do so much to enrich the shopping experience with just the right merchandise and customer service.

We also offer stories about maintaining a better staff, as happy employees can equal the best customer experience possible. In a Training and Employee Retention Report, we offer the story “Gift, Florist, Party and Toy Stores – Giving Employees the Hours They Want While Meeting Store Staffing Needs” with a sidebar titled “Employee Hours – Sometimes or All the Time?”  

We also cover all the major merchandise categories in this edition, including gems and minerals, apparel, accessories, jewelry, home décor, signs, toys, mugs, pet gifts, magnets, key chains, candy, snacks, licensed goods, sunglasses and others.

Additionally, the issue includes a Special Spotlight on Sizing story “Size Trends at Beach and Resort Area Boutiques” with the sidebar “Best-Selling Garments in Larger and Smaller Sizes.” And don’t miss all of the other bonus sidebars in the book. These quick-read features cover everything from creating an environment to spur sales, offering the best jewelry for the beach and selling baby animal merchandise to edible gift best-sellers, Philadelphia, Pa.’s Museum of Sports, the best sale ideas, common merchandise return practices and more. 

And in the Games, Plaything and Plush section, the story “Toy Stores – Offering Extras to Make Shopping Special” addresses all the little touches, such as greeting cards and free gift wrap, that conspire to make the shopping experience fun and easy. 

I hope you enjoy the issue. Please contact me with your comments, questions and suggestions by calling 610-645-6940 or emailing and I will respond to your query personally.

Scott C. Borowsky
President and Executive Editor
Souvenirs, Gifts & Novelties magazine

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