Table of Contents – October 2022

Resort Section
Offering High-End Gifts at Getaways – Quality Mementoes at Resorts
Contributor Hilary Larson interviewed retail officials at four United States resorts to find out which higher-end gifts are selling.
Bonus Sidebar: What Are Your Top Selling Name-Dropped Gifts, and Why Do They Sell So Well?
Setting a Stage for Sales – Selling Coastal Gifts at Coastal Stores
For this article, Contributor Genie Davis asked store owners and staff to describe the décor in their shops, their shop’s overall environment, and how both affect their sales.
Bonus Sidebar: Customer Service Tips
Sunny Souvenir Sales – Resort and Beach Store Souvenirs
Post-pandemic, tourists–and locals–are still grabbing souvenirs up at resort and beach stores across the country.
A Question and Answer Feature: Waterpark and Theme Park Apparel Plus Sunglasses
Going Wild for Mementoes – Wildlife Souvenirs at Zoos

Trends in souvenirs at zoos and wildlife parks in Mighigan, Pennsylvania and Illinois.
Where the Selling Is Child’s Play – Nostalgic Toys and Candy Merchandise at Country and General Stores
How country and general stores bring out the best in nostalgic merchandise.
Merchandise Journeyers Don’t Pass Up As They Pass By – Best-Sellers at Truck Stops and Travel Centers
What travelers are buying at truck stops and travel centers in West Virginia, Washington and Oregon.
Customer Service Tips for Top Sales – Catering to Shoppers at Jewelry Stores
A look at jewelry store owners’ strategies to provide the best customer service.
Where Fashion Finds Are Part of the Fun – Apparel Sales at Museums
This story covers how three museum stores manage their apparel sections.
Bonus Sidebar: Do You Sell Caps and Hats? Why or Why Not?
Great Goods for Giving – Gifts at Variety, Discount and General Stores
For this article, Contributor Sara Karnish interviewed variety, discount and general store officials to hear about their progress in selling gifts.
Bonus Sidebar: Working With Supply Chain Shortages

Apparel and Fashion Accessories Best-Sellers at Apparel Stores
For this article, Contributor Hilary Larsen interviewed store officials in Florida, California, Pennsylvania and Alaska to take the pulse of apparel and accessories sales.
Bonus Sidebar: What Apparel and Accessory Trends Are Coming In 2023? Why?
Oh Baby! – A Look at Current Trends and Top Marketing Tips for Selling Baby Apparel
 How baby stores are tapping into a huge market demand for the apparel they sell.
A Home Run for Sales – Sports Fan Store Apparel Best-Sellers
This story covers top sports-themed apparel sellers from fan stores in Iowa, California, Washington and Alaska.
Jewelry Section
Selling to Shoppers Who Care – Jewelry Best-Sellers at Hospital Shops
How many hospital shops are the retailers of choice for the communities that they serve, offering jewelry and much more.
A Question and Answer Feature – Jewelry Best-Sellers at Gift Shops and Boutiques
Las Vegas Market Feature
Bringing the Garden Home – Trends in Home Decor Merchandise at Botanical Gardens Stores
How home decor gifts fit in with the merchandise selection at botanical garden stores.
Bonus Sidebar: What Are the Favorite Botanical Designs on Home Decor Items?
Valentine’s Day Merchandise
How Cupid’s Day Rates – Valentine’s Day Candy Best-Sellers at Candy Stores
For this article, Contributor Hilary Larson interviewed store owners in Montana, Maryland and Missouri to discuss Valentine’s Day candy sales.
Getting to the Heart of Sales Trends – Valentine’s Day at Party Stores
For this article, shop owners and staff provided a look at what keeps their stores’ Valentine’s Day hearts beating.
Bonus Sidebar: Taking the Pulse of a Holiday – Is Valentine’s Day Still Popular?
Atlanta Market Feature
Still a Spot for Great Gifts – Merchandise Trends at Hallmark Stores
Hallmark stores continue to be vital retailers in their communities.
Self-Care Section
Giving Shoppers What They Love – Soap and Candle Sales for the Fun of It
Stores in Indiana, Missouri and New Jersey were interviewed for this story about trends in soap and candle merchandise.
Licensed Merchandise
Sports Store Top Sellers – Licensed Merchandise at College, Sports and Gaming Stores
For this article, Contributor Carimé Lane interviewed a game, sports and college store about how they are catering to their clientele.
Games, Playthings and Plush
Creating Entertaining Experiences – Toy Stores’ Stories of Making Shopping Fun

In this story, toy store owners in Minnesota and Illinois discussed creating a fun store environment for a great customer experience.
Bonus Sidebar: Supply Chain Challenges for Toy Stores
Toys at Public Lands Partner Stores: Supply Chain Issues
For this article, Contributor Genie Davis explored how stores at public lands partner store have responded to supply chain issues.

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