Table Of Contents – Nov/Dec 2016

Beach and Resort Special Section
Fashion for the Fun of It – Selling More T-shirts and Fashion Accessories
This article features interviews with four store officials who discuss strategies for selling T-shirts and fashion accessories.

Bonus Sidebar: What Are Your Best-Selling Fashion Accessories?

Outfits for Outside –  Selling More Beach and Resort Apparel
Tips to sell more sundresses and more at beach and resort areas.

Bonus Sidebar: What Is Your Top Apparel Seller And Why?

Making the Extras Count – Selling More Accessories at Beach Shops
Why accessories can provide a healthy boost to an operation’s bottom line.

Bonus Sidebar: Trends in Picture-Perfect Sunglass Sales

Best Bets for Beach Comfort and Fun – Selling More Towels and Toys
A look at how shops sell more beach towels and toys, two seaside store  merchandise staples.

Sports Licensing and Tailgate Show Special Section
Where the Fans Dominate – Selling More Licensed Sports Merchandise
A college and a fan store share their strategies to sell more licensed merchandise.

 Bonus Sidebar: What Are Your Best-selling Gifts?

From Browsing to Buying – Perspectives on Selling Apparel
A look at how hospitals and other types of stores sell more apparel.

Taking a Fashion Step Forward – Selling More Accessories and Apparel at Museum Stores
Managers at museum stores around the country have come up with innovative ways to market new and exciting apparel to customers.

Bonus Sidebar: Six Tips for Selling More Apparel

Big Apparel and Gift Display Tips from the Teeny Bee Boutique
A look at how one baby store handles display.

Bonus Sidebar: Baby Apparel – Trends for Best-dressed  Babies

Tips from the Experts – A Report on What Is Selling at Apparel Boutiques
A look at apparel sales trends from five apparel boutiques.

Bonus Sidebar: Blouses or Button-Up Shirts: Which Sell Best and Why?

Denver Western Show Preview Section
Fast Facts About WESA

Gifts for the Home From Country Roads – Local Products at Country Stores
From candles to jewelry, locally made products are the top gifts at country stores across the map, according to retailers.

The Ultimate in Garden Variety – Best-selling Outdoor Merchandise and Gifts at Botanical Shops  
How stores with a garden theme are serving shoppers with gifts.

Bonus Sidebar: Getting Shoppers Buying – Five Top Merchandising Tips

Sparkling Jewelry to Match the Wonders Down Under
Tourists on vacation at caves and caverns are usually looking for inexpensive, easy-to-pack souvenirs — and jewelry always fits the bill.

Jewelers Talk Trends, Art and Best-sellers
In this article, SGN interviewed four sources to come up with a snapshot of some current jewelry industry trends.

The Key to Sales – Tips to Sell More Jewelry and Keychains at Public Lands Sites
Price merchandise right, play up the locally made angle, and offer a fresh mix. That’s the formula for selling jewelry and keychains at national parks and other public lands.

Meaningful Merchandise – How Shoppers are Helping Others with Jewelry and Gift Purchases
For many shoppers, buying an item that will also help an artisan is a great way to meet gift needs.

Bonus Sidebar: How Ten Thousand Villages Came to Be

Winter Shows Preview
Selling More Gifts and Stationery at Gift and Stationery Stores
Retailers discuss how to increase your sales of gift and stationery items.

Bonus Sidebar: Are Sales of Notecards Notable, or In Decline?

Gifts to Be Inspired By – Selling More Quality Items at Gift and Inspirational Stores
Trends in gifts from a selection of stores around the country.

Personal Care Products and Candles – Selling Tips from Pharmacies
Gift-selling tips from a selection of pharmacies.

Selling Presents in Unexpected Places – The Drug Store, Florist and Hardware Store Gift Business
Why stocking relevant gift items at drug stores, florists, and hardware stores – and creating strong gift displays – are a good source of revenue for these shops.

A Lesson in Sales – College Store Best-Sellers
With school in session, gift items are big business in college stores. This article looks at what are the top selling gifts in these shops.

Raising a Glass to Gift Sales – Best-sellers at Winery Shops
Visitors to wineries are buying gifts that reflect their visit.

Pet Stores
Gifts for People and Pets – Best-sellers at Pet Shops
Pet stores nationwide discussed their top selling merchandise in this interesting article.

Zoos and Aquariums
Back-to-Basics Attraction Retail – Selling More Souvenirs
Retailer managers at zoos and aquariums nationwide reported that plush is their top-selling souvenir item.

Bonus Sidebar: Which of Your Souvenirs and/or Gifts Benefit Charitable Causes?

Making it Personal – Name-Dropped and Custom Souvenirs
Special Spotlight on Display

Trends in Signs  – How for Some Shops, the Signs Are Looking Up for Sign Sales
Gift store officials discuss the outlook for signs, and share their display strategies for these popular sellers.

Resort Gift Shops – Tips for the Best Displays
How fresh content, good placement and visual attractiveness are all important considerations for creating the best displays at resort gift stores.

Bonus Sidebar: The Best Spots for Sunglasses
Sales for the Holidays · St. Patrick’s Day and Easter

Springing Toward Sales – Top Tips to Get Guests Going for Spring Gifts
How shops benefit from St. Patrick’s Day and Easter

Sales for the Holidays · Christmas Stores
Ornament and Gift Top Sellers at Christmas Stores
Year-round Christmas store merchants discuss their top-sellers.
Plush and Toys

Toys, Toys and More Toys – The Most Popular Plush at Children’s Museums
How children’s museums create sparks of imagination with exhibits and gift stores.

Inspired to Play – Selling More Games and Toys at Inspirational and Religious Stores
Inspirational and religious stores can be a great spot to find games and toys.

Displays Fit for Fun – Best Toy Store Merchandise Arrangements
With strong displays, great things can happen in terms of sales. This article contains display tips and strategies that work for stores nationwide.

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