Summer Reading for Better Sales

Scott C. Borowsky

This issue of Souvenirs, Gifts & Novelties (SGN) brings you a wealth of information on how to make your summer selling season the most fruitful ever. We cover all of the major merchandise categories, including gifts, jewelry, apparel and toys. We also offer an exhibitor list and special section for Surf Expo, and special sections for the Las Vegas Souvenir Show, IGES and ASD.
In the Gifts section, we offer the stories on home décor at discount, variety and floral store and sales trends at hospital gift shops. In Surf Expo Special Beach and Resort, the articles cover quality merchandise, T-shirts and windchimes, flags and banners. And in the Las Vegas Souvenir report, there is a special preview section provided by the trade show as well as a story on souvenirs at beach and resort stores.
In the Apparel section, there are stories on apparel at botanical gardens and baby shower gifts, with additional stories on apparel and accessories trends and sales at boutiques.
Name-dropped merchandise is a mainstay of all types of stores, and in the IGES section, we offer a look at this type of merchandise at zoos, caves, caverns and at theme and waterparks.
Not selling jewelry is missing out on a steady and reliable income source. Native American jewelry serves the dual purpose of steady earnings, and of supporting and honoring the traditions of craftspeople that produce these types of accessories, our story found. The jewelry section also covers trends in jewelry at resort area stores, and jewelry sales at Hallmark, gift stores and pharmacies.
The adoption of pandemic pets has meant more pet owners than ever shopping for their dogs and cats. In the story “Pet Stores: Where Offering Quality Is Never Barking Up the Wrong Tree,” we look at the wide range of gifts and essentials available for animal companions.
In the ASD Value and Variety Merchandise Report, back-to-school sales at discount and variety stores is covered, as is the sales of snacks, candy and gourmet products at country and candy stores.
The issue also offers stories on soaps, candles and lotions at resorts, ornaments and other decorations at Christmas stores, and toys and games at toy stores, children’s museums and public lands partner stores.
I hope you enjoy the issue. Please contact me by emailing with your comments, questions or suggestions.

Scott C. Borowsky
President and Executive Editor
Souvenirs, Gifts & Novelties magazine

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