Stuffed States USA Are Fun and Educational

Newcomer on the gift and souvenir scene is Stuffed States USA. Cute plushies made in the shape of each United States state, each one has a friendly smile. Super collectible and educational to boot, customers can collect them as they travel our beautiful country.
Stuffed States are perfect for resort and hotel shops, airport stores, museum stores, national and state park entrances, amusement parks and zoos, and tourist kiosks. And are also great for locals and college students who want to show their state pride by purchasing them at brick-and-mortar gift shops and bookstores. Custom college colors are available.
A great fit for carry-on bags, each state measures no more than 8 inches by 5 inches. Traveling parents/grandparents will find them to be a unique gift to take home to the kids. It’s a geography lesson disguised as a smiley new friend. Tweens and teens will love Stuffed States too, and they make for a cute dorm décor addition.
(For more information, call 310-554-8855 or circle 37 on the reader service card.)

Shop owners love Stuffed States because they are a unique cross over gift that satisfies many types of customers.

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