SJT Enterprises to Add Space and Hire More Workers

SJT Enterprises, a 33-year-old consumer products company, has signed a new 10-year lease that will add about 50 percent more space to its production facility.

“We’ve been growing and in need of additional space and that will finally happen in January,” said SJT President Tim Smith. “This will give us more space to add additional large printers to triple or even quadruple our stone coaster production. It will also open up much more space for increased production of our wood plaques. Since we make or assemble all our products right here, and not in China, and business has been booming, this comes at the right time. In the process, we will also be hiring additional production workers, giving more Americans jobs. Buying from SJT, you’re buying American, which also means no price increases from the new tariffs.”

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