Seen at 2020 Toy Fair New York

Regional Sales Manager Dianne Castro of Gund.

Fiesta President Coral Reynolds.

Jose D.M. Dimaala, sales, Monogram International.

Amanda “Kenzie” Davis, media specialist, Squire Boone.

Susan Anderson, sales manager, Cactus.

Desiree Follett, creative director, left, and Beth Trawick, sales director, Island Genius.

Puppeteer Honey Goodenough with a Music Box Unicorn puppet; Puppeteer Ben Duroch with a Dug puppet; and Sales Associate Sara Lafferty with a Chameleon puppet, of Folkmanis® Puppets.

President Jenna Sellers Miller, Dreamimals.

Lheen Khalid, of Dou Dou et Compagnie.

Judi Rush, owner, School Rite, a toy that teaches cursive writing. The toy isn’t new, but is increasingly relevant in today’s discussions in education circles regarding the importance of penmanship.

Kim Tyon, director of sales, Squishable®.

A merchandise display that includes the new My Partner Eevee toy from Wicked Cool Toys, a Jazwares company.

Lou Nasti, who works in animation with Hansa, with an animatronic.

Sales Account Manager Beth Bunevich of Party Animal.

Nicole Pickens, operations, Knucklebonz, Inc.

President Shelly Mann, Potty Duck; President and CEO Sari Wiaz of Baby Paper; and Brad Epstein of Michaelson Entertainment.

Danielle Nipper, inside sales manager, and Margaret Lu, owner, WUU JAU.

COO and CFO Linda Li of Plushland™.

Roger Ginsberg of Animal Adventure, LLC.

Jamie Emmick, director of custom plush, with Project Manager Kerri Buyers, of The Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Company,

Dancer Tiffany Erickson, who co-owns My Ballerina Dolls with husband Mark, a former dancer. The dolls can be posed in real ballet positions to foster a love of the art form.

Julie Caravaggio of Pillow Pets.

Wei Yu Wang, owner, of 88 Merchandise.

Product Developer David Shapiro of Mindware.

Marketing Coordinators Meghan Farrell and Alex Capone of The Pencil Grip, Inc.

Andrea Zabel and Jennifer Brawley, co-owners, William Mark Corp.

Owner Reisa Schwartzman, Manager, Marketing and Logistics Rachele Renzi and Greg Walsh, public relations, of Griddly Games.

Marc Bryant, president, Piggy Paint.

Danielle Noy, managing director, Morphmallow™.

Creative Lead Sam Furst, left, with Sculptor Alex Ray of Trick or Treat Studio.

Jim Gunderson, right, vice president of sales, and Sean Schipper, COO, Aeromax.

President Kenneth Liu of The Lazy Dog Co.

Laurie Lane, who owns Create a Castle with her husband Kevin.

Don Perkins, CEO, Crazy Aarons®.

Ami and Rooz Mousavi of Roooz Planet.

Ricky Bella Bell, an art therapist who is the founder and product developer for Create Your Self Kit.

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