Savoring the Summer Season – June/July 2018

Scott C. Borowsky

The summer busy season is a time to pull out all the stops in terms of stocking a desirable merchandise mix and providing top-notch customer service. In each issue of Souvenirs, Gifts & Novelties (SGN), we strive to offer the best advice to supplement your efforts toward realizing a profitable season. This advice comes from true retail experts, your colleagues at all types of stores across the country. These owners, managers and merchandise buyers are highly engaged sources for the best insights into running a successful business.

In addition to your efforts at serving customers, attending summer trade shows is a great way to touch and feel all of the new products on the market and to meet the company representatives who could become terrific resources as you stock your store. But if you are not traveling to shows this summer, this edition offers special trade show sections where you can learn about new products that might be your next best-sellers. And, SGN in each issue offers ads from some of the best companies in the business, making the book a “trade show” mailed straight to your doorstep.

To commemorate summer and the season’s trade events, we offer expanded coverage of coastal, beach and resort stores. Shoppers who forget items, or who just want to buy fun remembrances of their visit, will always patronize these stores. While some customers in this group will be cautious spenders who travel on a budget, it is up to you to see just how profitable you can make your store by connecting with the portion of this demographic who want to shop and spend.
Also in the issue is a look at Made in the USA merchandise, and on the other hand, a story about internationally produced gifts. There is room for both types of goods in the retail landscape, and wise store owners will zero in on what their clientele wants to stock best-sellers.

We also offer articles on pet, gourmet and other types of gifts, back to school merchandise, toys, name-dropped items, apparel and accessories, windchimes, flags and banners, bath and body products, jewelry and many other types of inventory.
I hope you enjoy the issue. Please contact me with your comments and questions and with your suggestions on how to improve the magazine, by emailing or calling 610-645-6940 ext. 0. And don’t forget to make note of our new address: 1062 Lancaster Ave., Suite 15-F, Bryn Mawr, Pa., 19010

Scott C. Borowsky
President and Executive Editor
Souvenirs, Gifts & Novelties magazine

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