Retail for the Fun of It
October 2017

Scott C. Borowsky

There is a lot of preparation, hard work and sometimes even travel in making your store the best it can be. Whether you are researching staff training techniques, putting in a long day or visiting a trade show in another state to find the perfect merchandise, there are always new mountains to climb in an effort to find business success. But while you are doing your best, don’t forget to enjoy your chosen field and embrace the fun of retailing, whether it is beautifying your store with creative displays, making working at your business a positive experience for your staff,  or taking a moment to get to know a new vendor at a trade event.

In each issue of SGN, we strive to bring you the best retail tips and advice in a wealth of upbeat articles, and also as many photos as possible of  retailers and their stores sent to us by your colleagues around the country. This big October edition is no exception, and our team of Contributing Writers interviewed over 145 retailers for its stories. 

The edition also offers special sections for November’s Tennessee trade shows that include both product news and fresh, original stories produced by our writers.  See the sections for editorial covering everything from museums, travel centers and wineries to boutiques, zoos and lighthouses and more.

Among SGN’s strengths are its recurring editorial sections. Whether you are interested in apparel and gifts or toys and jewelry, we have insights into doing well in these categories. The topics covered in these sections for this issue include: advice to sell more apparel and gifts at boutiques and inspirational stores with a bonus sidebar on merchandise for alters and mediation spaces; creating a great environment at baby stores; selling jewelry and gifts at pharmacies; college, fan and Minor League Baseball shop sales of apparel, gifts and jewelry and more. 

The issue also includes: a Beach and Resort Section;  a Special Museum and Gift Store Report;  a Zoo and Aquarium Section; a Special Occasion Merchandise Section; a Special Souvenir Report and stories on gems, pet gifts, candles and personal care merchandise and much more. 

I hope you enjoy this edition. Please email me at, call 610-645-6940 ext. 0 or message me on SGN’s Facebook page with your comments, questions and suggestions, and I will respond to you personally.

Scott C. Borowsky
President and Executive Editor
Souvenirs, Gifts & Novelties magazine

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