Reaching Your Goals by Reaching the Customer
November/December 2016

Souvenirs, Gifts & Novelties (SGN) wants you to reach your professional goals, and is doing its part to spark interest in improving the retail business by serving more readers. Earlier in the year, we added 9,800 retailers to our database. Little by little, we have been sending the magazine to new retailers, and this issue marks the milestone of sending the book to the last 2,000 stores on the list.
In this issue, all of our readers will get the added bonus of our twice-annual Profiles in Excellence feature. The profiles are half-page stories generated by advertisers that introduce retailers to many of the top companies in the industry.
Also in the issue we offer several special features. There are the Surf Expo and beach and resort sections. We also offer Sports Licensing and Tailgate Show, Denver Western Show and Winter Shows preview sections.
And, as always, the magazine offers the best coverage of the merchandise categories that matter to you. In the jewelry section, we cover caves and caverns, jewelry stores, public lands partner outlets and shops that sell gifts benefiting craftspeople.
In the apparel section, we offer perspectives from hospital, museum and baby stores plus clothing boutiques. We also cover stationery, inspirational, pharmacy, college, winery, pet, zoo, aquarium, resort, beach, Christmas and toy stores and more.
Growing the Economy
Now that the 2016 presidential contest is over, there are two roads that could be taken to give the economy some pop without costing taxpayers or the government any money.
One course would be to give individuals the ability to tap into the trillions that they have socked away into retirement accounts. This money could fund, with no penalties, home buys, mortgage payoffs and major house energy efficiency improvement projects.
Additionally, due to the country’s double taxation regulations, there is $2.1 trillion that is being kept offshore by United States multi-national corporations. Another policy change could give the corporations a tax holiday to bring the funds back into the country to stimulate business. Also, a 5 percent surcharge could generate funding for infrastructure improvements.
We would very much like to hear your opinion on these proposals, and to hear any other ideas our readership has on improving the fiscal picture for retailers and everyone.
We hope you enjoy the issue. SGN strives to offer coverage of topics that interest our readership. To offer comments, suggestions and story ideas, please email me at Also stay in touch by visiting the magazine on Facebook, following the book on Twitter and checking out the great displays on our Pinterest page.

Scott C. Borowsky
President and Executive Editor
Souvenirs, Gifts & Novelties magazine

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