October/November 2020

IGES Show Section
Merchandise that Sparks Sales and Makes Memories – Best-Sellers at Country and General Stores
Despite the pandemic, country and general stores are doing well in their often-small-town locations, this article found.
Souvenirs and Gifts: What’s Happening by the Water
This story looks at how three Florida stores fared during the first summer of the pandemic.
Fun in Fredericksburg – A Texas Town’s Shopping Story
This article explores the current business outlook for a selection of stores in the shopping haven of Fredericksburg, Texas.
Resort, Lakeside, and Beach Apparel
Wearables by the Water – Best-selling Apparel at Lakeside Stores
From summer selections to where the best store merchandise is obtained by shops, this story examines apparel trends at lakeside stores.
Bonus Sidebar: Permanent Versus Temporary Pandemic Changes
Responding to All Types of Influences – Shopping Trends in Resort Apparel and Accessories
Currently, some resort wear trends are being generated by a new force: the pandemic. But other trends are being dictated by more commonplace factors, such as the seasons and the preferences of shoppers based on their ages.
Bonus Sidebar: Great-Selling Shades – Popular Sunglass Frames
Bonus Sidebar: Curating Colors for Shoppers to Snap Up
The Smoky Mountain Gift Show Section
Shining a Light on Great Sales – Best Display Strategies from Gift Stores and Rock Shops
For this article, five stores around the country shared how they showcase their gifts to both capture customers’ attention and educate them.
Selling Souvenirs – Waterparks and Theme Parks Are Perfect Spots for Memories Merchandise
Which souvenirs are selling at parks around the country.
hifting Tastes and Priorities – Apparel at Apparel Stores and Boutiques
Which apparel types are selling for apparel stores and boutiques, where unique merchandise is favored.
Bonus Sidebar: Are Sunglasses Worth the Floor Space?
Fun Gifts for Fine Tastes – Quality Gifts at Hallmark and Gift Shops
It can be a splurge for many, but retailers interviewed for this article said customers are willing to spend more on unique gift items.
Cave and Cavern Stores: Sparkling Sales of Gems and Jewelry
For this article, four retailers discussed gem and jewelry sales at their locations.
Jewelry Section
From Vintage and Handmade to Designer and Art-Inspired – Jewelry Trends at Gift Stores and Boutiques
Gift stores and boutiques have a lot going for them in terms of offering a variety of jewelry.
Bonus Sidebar: What Are Your Top Tips to Prevent Jewelry Theft?
Selling Tips and Store Trends: Jewelry at Jewelry Stores
This article contains interviews with five retailers on current jewelry trends, and offers tips on how to sell more jewelry.
Myrtle Beach Trade Show Feature
Sailing into Sales – Nautical Gifts and Souvenirs at Beach Shops and Nautical Museums
For this article, owners and staff members discussed top-sellers in the category of nautical gifts and souvenirs.
Licensed Sports Merchandise
For the Love of Sports – College and Fan Store Licensed Sports Merchandise Trends
Even during a pandemic, retailers, customers, and manufacturers have found new ways to connect and maintain a sense of community around a mutual love of sports, according to interviews conducted for this article.
Merchandise Trends
Great Merchandise in Unexpected Stores – Gifts and Decorative Signs at Pharmacies, Hardware Stores and Florists
For this article, shop owners and staff described their top-sellers in the decorative sign and gift categories.
Good Sales for Small Fries – What’s Hot at Children’s and Baby Stores
A look at the playthings selling picture at children’s and baby stores.
Edible Gifts
The Dish on the Delicious – Snack, Candy and Gourmet Products Trends at Candy Stores
This article covers the state of the sales of sweets at a selection of candy stores.
Bonus Sidebar: What Is Your Best-Selling Valentine’s Day Merchandise?
Zoo and Aquarium Section
Gifts for a Perfect Souvenir Fit – Name-dropped and Custom Merchandise at Zoos and Aquariums
Where zoos and aquariums are concerned, name-dropped and custom merchandise are usually popular choices for shoppers.
Bonus sidebar: Which Wildlife-Themed Merchandise Items Cause a Sales Stampede
Personal Care
Unique Treats for Bath and Body – Personal Care Product Sales at Bath and Body Stores
Personal care products available at bath and body shops throughout the United States are selling well, according to retailers interviewed for this article.
Games, Playthings and Plush
Having Time for Timeless Toys – Sales Trends from Independent Toy Stores
The simplicity and comfort of classics like puzzles and board games, and toys that rely heavily on imagination and creative play, still have strong appeal, according to retailers interviewed for this article.

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