October 2021

Smoky Mountain Gift Show Section
Sales Amid Beautiful Scenery – Trends in Home Décor and Gifts at Lake and Mountain Stores
For locals and tourists alike, home décor and gift items are selling at lake and mountain stores.
Where Business Is Blooming – Selling Souvenirs at State Park Stores
Souvenir sales at state parks are on the upswing.
Taste Treat Trends – Edible Gifts at Country and Candy Stores
People are more likely to buy chocolates, fudge, taffies and other sweets if they have a local angle, or come in attractive packaging. These and other insights were found during research for this story.
Bonus Sidebar: Sweet or Sour? Which Type of Candy Sells Best?
Getting a Read on Apparel and Jewelry Sales – The Viewpoint from Four College Bookstores
For this article, college retailers discussed trends in apparel and jewelry.
Jewelry Trends when It’s All Jewelry – The Jewelry Store Viewpoint
Our contributor explored trends at jewelry stores for this article.
Souvenir Best-Sellers – What Shoppers are Seeking at Art and Children’s Museums
The outlook from a sampling of museums on souvenir trends.
Bonus Sidebar: How Prints and Postcards are Faring at Art Museum Shops

Spotlight on Souvenirs
Bringing a Bit of the Beach Home – Souvenirs at Beach and Resort Stores
Top selling souvenirs may change, but at beach and resort stores, offering a mix of unique and location-oriented souvenir items is a winning strategy.
Bonus Sidebar: Signs of Selling Success – Sea-Themed Signs Are Still Popular
Wildlife Gifts that Are Selling Well – A Look at Zoo Shop Best-Sellers
This story discusses zoo shop best-sellers, including the hottest plush animals.
Bonus Sidebar: What Are Your Most Unique Wildlife-Themed Items?

Home Décor

Enhancing Home Spaces with Sea Style – Home Décor Best-Sellers at Beach and Resort Stores
For this article, retailers from four gift shops in coastal settings shared some of their best-selling décor items and the broad style trends they are seeing.
Bonus Sidebar: What Are Your Decorative Sign Best-Sellers and Why?

IGES Section

Logo and Name-Dropped Gifts at Caves and Caverns – Four Cave and Cavern Gift Stores Reveal Top Trends
For this article, four cave gift shops revealed what is trending at their attractions.
Quality Gifts at Getaways – How Higher-Priced Items Fit in at Resort Stores
Resort gift shop retailers are offering guests a range of more expensive, unique, quality gifts.
Trends in American-Made Merchandise at Gift and Hallmark Stores
For this article, gift and Hallmark shop owners and staff provided their takes on top sellers in the Made in America category.
Perspectives from Five Stores: Jewelry and Gift Sales Trends at Boutiques
For this article, store staff members and owners shared their top tips to sell more in both the jewelry and gift categories.
Bonus Sidebar: Display Advice for Gifts to Get Attention


From Sophisticated Colors to Classic Styles – Apparel Trends at Baby Boutiques
This story gives a report on the latest apparel trends for babies and young children.
Wearables in Tune with a Get-Away Vibe – Tips to Sell More Accessories and Apparel at Resort Stores
All types of apparel is selling at resort stores.


When the Merchandise Really Matters – Jewelry at Hallmark and Jewelry Stores
A look at today’s jewelry trends at a selection of stores.
Jewelry that Celebrates Surf and Sand – Trends at Seaside Stores
Marine-themed jewelry can be a perfect complement to a vacation for travelers, this story found.

Games, Playthings and Plush

Which Diversions Are Doing Best? – What Is Selling at Toy Retailers
For this article, Contributor Sara Kardish interviewed owners and managers from four toy stores to discuss best-selling toys.
Never Enough Plush – Today’s Stuffed Toy Trends
For this article, retailers from four stores around the country discussed some of their plush toy best-sellers and from where they source their cuddly merchandise.

Sports Fan Merchandise

Striving to be First Place Sales Winners – Sports Fan Stores’ Best-Selling Toys
For this article, Contributor Genie Davis interviewed retailers from Baltimore Sports & Novelty, the Philadelphia Phillies Team Store, a Sports Fanz location in West Virginia, and the Husker Hounds, Inc., store in Omaha, Neb., to discover toy best-sellers.
Bonus Sidebar: Top Toy-Selling Customer Service Tips

Lotions and Soaps

Products to Soothe the Senses – The Lotion and Soap Picture at Boutiques
For this article, Contributor Hilary Larson interviewed retailers in California, New York, Washington, and the District of Columbia to discuss trends in the lotion and soap categories.

Truck Stops and Travel Centers

Gifts from the Road – Merchandise at Travel Centers and Truck Stops
Many truck stops and travel centers have expanded to carry a wide selection of gifts and souvenirs, according to this article.

Party Stores

Adjusting to the Times – How Party Stores Are Operating in a Changing Party Environment
How party stores in Missouri and South Dakota are handling the changing demands brought on by the pandemic.
Bonus Sidebar: The Question of Selling Candy

Pharmacies and Florists

Best-Selling Merchandise for Christmas
For this article, retailers at pharmacies and florists discussed the great gifts their businesses provide.
Bonus Sidebar: Advice for Customer Service Training

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