October 2017

Special IGES Resort and Souvenir Section 
Display Tips for Apparel and Accessories
Tips to best display apparel and accessories from resort, spa, luxury destination and lodge locations.  

Bonus Sidebar: What Is Your Favorite Display Fixture and Why

Souvenirs: What Sells Well,  and How to Sell More
How managers and buyers of gift shops at zoos, amusement parks and museums are boosting souvenir sales.

Bonus Sidebar: Spinning Ahead – The Future of Fidget Spinners 

Finding the Finds – Tips to Locate the Best Plush and Toys to Sell
Retailers discuss the benefits of  using trade shows, magazines, sales reps or a combination of all three to find merchandise.

Bonus Sidebar: What Is Your Top-selling Toy?

A Bouquet of Ideas – Selling More Home Décor Items at Winery Gift StoresOfficials from three wineries discuss home decor sales trends.

Picking Winners – Choosing Souvenirs that Will be Hits at Museums, Waterparks and Theme Parks
A look at how souvenirs are faring at a selection of shops.

Best-Sellers on the Road – Gifts at Airports, Convenience Stores and Travel Centers
This article looks at gift sales in airports, convenience stores and
travel centers. 

Edible Gifts 
Creating Sales to Savor – Selling More Edible Gifts and Nostalgic Candy
Shop managers discuss what makes edible gifts sell.

Lighthouse and Museum Feature 
Shedding Light on Increasing Sales – Gift Items at Lighthouse and Nautical Shops
A look at the souvenir selling picture at lighthouses and museum shops.

Beach and Resort Section 
How to Sell More Home Decor and Souvenirs at Beach and Resort Stores
For this article, retailers discussed tips for maximizing sales.

Special Smoky Mountain Gift Show Section 
Selling More T-Shirts and Capris at Beach and Resort Stores
For this article, shops nationwide described how they sell more T-shirts and capri pants. 

Bonus Sidebar: Which T-shirt Design or Color Sells Best?  

Items for Giving or For Home – Advice For Selling Gifts and Décor
The sales picture for gift and home décor merchandise.

Bonus Sidebar: Climbing Every Mountain for Sales – Best-Selling Gifts And Home Décor at Mountain Resort Locations 

Tips to Sell More Jewelry and Other Fashion Accessories at Boutiques, Zoos and Museums
How zoo and museum stores and smaller boutiques are capitalizing on today’s jewelry and fashion accessory trends.

The Best Toys and Games to Sell at Toy, Hallmark and Gift Stores
A look at some of the best-selling toys and games at toy, Hallmark and gift stores.

Bonus Sidebar: Best-Selling Animal Plush 

Reading the Signs – Tips to Sell More Quality Gifts and Signs
Advice from retailers on how to sell more gifts.

Museum Gifts – Curating Merchandise to Create Best-Sellers
Gift shops in museum spaces are stocking up on items to tie in with their exhibits.

For Sale Signs – How to Move Clearance and Ultimately Stock Only the Best-Selling Merchandise 
For this article Contributing Writer Natalie Hope McDonald interviewed store officials in Baltimore, Los Angeles and Chicago to get their take on discounting merchandise.

Special Museum and Gift Store Report 
Choosing Merchandise to Sell at Museum Gift Shops
Museum officials discuss how they select which products to sell in their shops. 

Bonus Sidebar: Best-sellers at Museum Gift Shops

Candles and Personal Care Products – Fresh Ideas in Retailing
Trends in candle and personal care items and ideas to keep the merchandise fresh.

Pet Gifts at Boutiques 
Barking Up the Right Tree – Tips to Promote Pet Gift Sales
Pet shops around the country have a variety of top-selling gift items, and among the most popular are edible treats. 

Bonus Sidebar: Rubber, Rawhide or Plush: Which Chew Toys Sell Best? 

Zoo and Aquarium Section 
Where the Wild Things Sell – Wildlife-Theme Gifts and Souvenirs at Zoos and Aquariums
For this story, industry experts shared their tips to selling more wildlife-themed gifts and souvenirs at zoos and aquariums

Name-Dropping for Profits – Picking Products to Promote How attractions choose items to name-drop.

Tiny Treasures – The Best Small and Inexpensive Souvenirs
This story examines affordable and small items at gift shops.

Bonus Sidebar: Top-Selling Small, Easy-to-Pack, Expensive Souvenirs  

Special Occasion Merchandise 

Party and Hospital Stores – Selling More Valentine’s Day, Christmas and Holiday Merchandise
How retailers benefit by having a wide selection of holiday merchandise on hand.

Bonus Sidebar: Best-Selling Valentine’s Day Merchandise 

Boutiques and Inspirational Stores – Advice to Sell More Apparel and Gifts
For this article, shop officials offered their advice on how they appeal to their customers and elevate sales.

Bonus Sidebar: Best-Selling Altar and Meditation Space Merchandise at Inspirational Stores 

Setting the Scene at Baby Stores – Creating a Great Environment to Sell Apparel and Gifts
Many of today’s baby stores are more than places to buy merchandise, but are also gathering places for parents and play spaces for kids.

Jewelry Section 
Becoming a One-Stop Shop – Best-Selling Jewelry and Gifts at Pharmacies 
Independent pharmacies are benefiting from branching out into retail.

Sales that Add Up – How to Get Shoppers to Buy Jewelry
Advice to make jewelry a perfect add-on sale item.

Licensed Gifts, Apparel and Jewelry – Selling More at College, Fan and Minor League Baseball Stores
How to turn enthusiastic fans into shoppers.

Special Souvenir Report 
Keepsakes from the Great Outdoors – Best-Selling Souvenirs at Public Lands Partner Stores
For the article, staff members at Public Lands Partner Stores discussed raising funds by selling merchandise.

Higher Learning – The Best-selling Alumni Merchandise at College and University Bookstores
Officials with college stores discuss sales trends.

Caves and Caverns 
Gem and Mineral Jewelry and Gift Best-sellers at Caves and Caverns
Gems and minerals are popular sellers at caves and caverns.

Selling More Souvenirs  – Retail Advice for Caves and Caverns
Souvenirs of the cave and cavern experience are a great way to remember the natural wonders down under.

Plush and Toys 
Display with a Sense of Fun – Tips for Arranging Toy Store Merchandise

A look at how toy stores are displaying their merchandise.

Bonus Sidebar: Which Toys Are Tops?

Where Plush Is Never Soft on Sales – Tips to Sell Stuffed Toys
The plush toy picture at a selection of stores.

Bonus Sidebar: Oversized Plush – Selling Big Softies 

Tracking Toy Sales – Advice from Retailers in the Know
This article contains tips from toy retailers across the country to help track your sales and re-stock quickly.

Building on a Growing Trend – Selling Gifts at Hardware, Florist and Home/Garden Stores
At many hardware and garden stores, scented candles and novelty mugs are just as popular these days as wrenches, house paint and mulch. 

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