November/December 2018

Surf Expo Section 
For Locals and Tourists – Unique Gifts from the Coast 
Savvy coastal shopkeepers know a combination of select merchandise set in evocative displays will attract shoppers new and veteran. 

Shoppers’ Favorite Extras – Sales Tips for Jewelry, Accessories and Sunglasses 
For this article, officials for beach and resort shops offered their tips to sell more of these types of items and described some of their best sellers, too. 

Bonus Sidebar: Small or Big – Which Types of Necklaces Sell Best? 

Outfits for the Surf and Sand – Selling More Beach Apparel 
A look at what is selling in the beach apparel category.

Kids Incorporated – The Latest Trends in Baby and Kid’s Apparel 
A look inside the world of baby and children’s boutiques.

Bonus Sidebar: Flooring 101 – Does It Matter What’s Underfoot when Parents Shop with Their Kids? 

Self-Care for the Sunshine – Beach and Resort Store Merchandise 
Many resort-area shops report growing sales of one practical category: sun care.

Outdoor Garden Section
Selling Gifts at Garden Centers and Florists 
Many gifts can serve as perfect complements to flora and fauna.

Bonus Sidebar: Helping the Undecided Decide 

Harvesting Sales – Jewelry and Fashion Accessories at Wineries and Garden Shops 
Botanical garden and winery shops can reap sales by offering jewelry and fashion accessories. 

Bonus Sidebar: Top Themed Merchandise at Gardens and Wineries 

Special Las Vegas Market Preview Section 
Gifts, Souvenirs, Apparel, Accessories and Jewelry – The Picture at Gift, Zoo and Museum Stores
Gifts stores interviewed for this article said their clients appreciated a wider merchandise selection.

Appealing to Shoppers with Extras at Apparel Boutiques – Jewelry, Personal Care, Candles and Gifts 
Little indulgences like candles and personal care products encourage customers to treat themselves and drive up boutique revenue.

Selling Remembrances of Nature and History – Souvenir Best-Sellers at Public Lands Partner Stores and Presidential Libraries
Officials at public lands partner stores, presidential libraries, and guest ranches put a lot of thought into their souvenir selection, according to the stores interviewed for this story.

Jewelry Section 
Jewelry Theft Prevention Tips from Jewelry Stores 
For this article, jewelry store staff members discussed their techniques for loss prevention.

Bonus Sidebar: Trust versus Suspicion – How Jewelry Shops Relate to Customers and Staff 

Home Décor and Quality Gifts
Trends in Quality Gifts at Museum Shops
A look at the home décor and quality gifts picture at a selection of stores.

Bonus Sidebar: Perspectives on Marking Down Merchandise 

A Wave of Home Décor Merchandise – Nautical and Nautical Museum Shops 
Nautical themes are a perennial décor favorite, both for souvenir-buying vacationers and residents decorating a beachside home. 

Bonus Sidebar: Sails or Fins? Which Is Your Most Popular Nautical Home Décor Theme?

Licensed Merchandise 
Fun for the Fans – Tailgating and Gift Merchandise at College Stores 
At college stores throughout the United States, sales are strong for tailgating merchandise and gift items. 

Big Sales for the Big Games – Licensed Apparel at MLB and Sporting Goods Stores 
With the price of licensed apparel skyrocketing into the hundreds of dollars, many MLB and sporting goods stores have opted to sell merchandise to accommodate a variety of price points and budgets.


The Right Retail for a Healthcare Setting – Apparel and Accessories at Hospital Stores
For this article, our contributing writer interviewed representatives of four hospital shops to discuss their top-selling apparel and accessory items.

Bonus Sidebar: True Colors – What Are Your Store Colors and How Do They Fit in with the Environment that You Are Trying to Create? 

Set to Sell the Right Sizes – Perspectives from Boutique and Resort Stores 
In this article, four boutique and resort stores in different parts of the country explained their strategies to stock the correct sizes.

Bonus Sidebar: Tailored to Sell 

Special Spotlight on Souvenirs
One-Stop Shopping at National Parks – The Most Popular Gifts at Caves, Caverns and Waterparks
A look at gift sales at caves, caverns and waterparks.

Bonus Sidebar: Top In-store Marketing Tips for Selling More Gifts 

Wild about Souvenirs and Gifts – Sales Trends at Zoos and Aquariums 
Sales trends for successful retailers at zoos and aquariums.

Bonus Sidebar: What Other Retail Experience Has Inspired Your Vision for Your Own Store  

Zoos and Aquariums 
Treats for Travelers and Locals – Gourmet Gifts, Snacks and Candy at Zoos and Aquariums
For this article, shop staff members related what edible items they sell, why they sell these products, and how to sell more of them. 

Bonus Sidebar: Candy with a Conscience 

What’s New in Name-Dropping? – The Picture for Gifts and Souvenirs at Zoos and Aquariums 
Store staff members discuss what strategies work best when name-dropping merchandise.

Bonus Sidebar: Keychains, Pencils and Magnets – Which Sell Best and Why? 

Advice to Stem Loses – Theft Prevention Tips for Zoo and Aquarium Gift Shops 
With more technology and an emphasis on providing exceptional customer service, most store officials interviewed for this article agreed that shoplifting is not as great an issue as it may have been in the past.

Tucson Gem Show Preview 
Shining Sales  –  Jewelry, Gem and Mineral Report 
Somewhere amid the displays of large geodes and rocks, shoppers often come across jewelry pieces they wouldn’t likely find elsewhere. 

Is Birthstone Jewelry Popular or a Thing of the Past? 

Games, Playthings and Plush 
Trend Watch – Hot Toys for the Holidays 
Which toys will be hot for the 2018 holiday season?

Bonus Sidebar: What Are Your Best-Selling Games? 

All the Fun Extras – Party Favors, Toys and More at Party, Discount and Variety Stores 
Four purveyors of party supplies around the country identify some of their best-selling party favors and festive ware selections.

Bonus Sidebar: What Is Your Best-Selling Merchandise Overall?

Strategic, Imaginative and Hands-On Fun – Games, Plush and Craft Kits at Toy, Drug and Hardware Stores
A look at what is selling in the game, plush and craft kit categories.

Bonus Sidebar: Best Display Tips for Plush and Games 

Denver Western Preview Feature
Jewelry, Gifts and Accessories at Western-Themed, Outdoor and Country Stores 
For this article, store staff members described what sells best for them and how they boost sales.

Bonus Sidebar: The Best Ways to Promote Western, Country, and Outdoor Stores 

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