November/December 2017

Surf Expo 
Special Somethings from the Coast – Merchandise Trends and Best-Sellers at Waterside Shops
A look at the merchandise that interests travelers to coastal stores.

Betting on the Best Beach Apparel – Sales Trends at Seaside Stores
For this article, beach shops in seaside communities nationwide offered their advice to boost apparel sales overall.

Bonus Sidebar: Tanks or T-shirts – Which Sell Better and Why? 

Making a Splash with Apparel – Tips to Sell More Clothing at Seaside Stores
A look at the apparel picture at seaside stores.

It’s a Wrap for Great Sales – Trends in Seaside and Beach Merchandise
Merchandise trends at seaside and beach shops.

From High End to Inexpensive: Resort Store Merchandise Trends
In this article resort store staff members discussed trends in both high-end and inexpensive merchandise categories.

Gem and Mineral Section 
Selling More Gem Merchandise at Science Museums and Resorts
A look at the popular souvenirs that are gemstones.

Where Natural Wonders Take a Starring Role – Gem and Mineral Merchandise Trends at Caves and Caverns
While cave and cavern guests aren’t permitted to chisel a bit of rock to take along as a memento of their visits, they can buy interesting souvenirs at attraction gift shops.

Las Vegas Mart 

Las Vegas and Beyond: Best-Selling Merchandise at Gift Stores
Why Western style is irresistible to shoppers, from the Las Vegas strip to the neighborhoods of Los Angeles.

Bonus Sidebar: Four Customer Service Tips 

Material Culture – Trends from Independent Home Décor Shops Coast to Coast
A fascinating journey to home decor stores in Los Angeles, Calif., Pennsylvania, Pa., and Brooklyn Heights, N.Y.

Bonus Sidebar: Four Tips for Competing with Retail Chains 

Where Selling Edibles Is Easy – Trends in Gourmet Gifts, Snacks and Candy
For this article, officials from shops selling edible gifts described delectable top sellers and offered their top tips on selling more.  

Bonus Sidebar: Making Candy an Upscale Gift  

Special Greeting Card/Stationery Report
Florists with Gift Shops – Trends in Greetings Cards, Toys and General Gifts
This story explores trends in selling merchandise that is complementary to the main attraction in the flower store environment.

Bonus Sidebar: Top Tips to Take Great Care of Your Customers 

Games, Playthings and Plush 
Winning With Game, Plaything and Plush Sales – Strategies from Children’s Museums, Gift Stores and Toy Stores
A look at how a variety of stores do well with games, playthings and plush.

Creating a Tip-Top Staff – Employee Training Tips at Toy Stores
Advice to create engaged, productive workers.

Pet Merchandise 
Pet Boutiques – Finding the Purrfect Pet Gifts
Trends in gifts for pets at pet boutiques in Portland, Ore., and Los Angeles, Calif.

Inspirational Merchandise · Signs 
Inspiring Finds – Selling More Signs and Home Decor
Trends in sign and home decor sales at a selection of inspirational merchandise stores.

Bonus Sidebar: Top Sellers for Home Spiritualism

Creating Shining Sales – Jewelry Display Tips from Jewelry Boutiques
Jewelry display ideas from jewelry boutique retailers.

Bonus Sidebar: Ringing Up Ring Sales – Drawing Attention to a Small Merchandise Item  

Selling Baubles, Bangles and Beads at Hospital Gift Shops
How hospital gift stores are putting the emphasis on jewelry.

Just Say Om – Gift, Jewelry and Apparel Sales at Yoga Studios
For the first time, SGN interviews yoga studios to get a perspective on merchandise sales.

T-shirt Report – Selling More Tees at College and Minor League Baseball Stores
Why T-shirts remain great sellers.

Bonus sidebar: Pastels or Primaries – Which Colors Sell Best? 

Dress to Impress – Top Fashion Trends at Three Big City Boutiques
Boutiques in urban environments can yield great apparel finds for shoppers.

Zoo and Aquarium Section 
Getting Guests to Go Wild for Merchandise – Selling Tips at Zoos and Aquariums
Advice from seven zoo and aquarium staff members on selling merchandise. 

Simple Sales Solutions – How to Stock the Best-Selling Zoo Souvenirs
Zoo retailers around the country discuss how popular animals boost souvenir sales.

Bonus Sidebar: Top Tips for Great Displays 

Licensed Sports Merchandise 

Licensed Merchandise Trends – Gifts, Apparel and Sports Collectibles
How sports fans drive the sale of licensed merchandise for professional  leagues, local minor league teams, and college teams.

Quality Gifts 
Art Museums, Resorts and Gardens: Trends in Quality Merchandise
Quality gifts are being sold at art museums, resorts and garden gift shops, and this article discusses trends in the category.

Bonus sidebar: Customer Favorites in the Quality Category 

Denver Western Show Preview Feature 
Retailing Out West – Western Apparel and Gift Trends
For this article, SGN’s contributing writer interviewed six Western wear retailers to pinpoint trends regarding Western apparel and gifts. 

Public Lands Partner Stores 
The Merchandise that Moved Well – A Look at 2017 and What Will be New in 2018
For this article, Public Lands staff members provided their opinions on merchandise that moved well in 2017, and what they’ll be adding to their inventory in 2018.

Outdoor and Garden Feature  
Trends in Gifts at Garden Centers, Botanical Gardens and Nature Preserve Gift Stores
The retail picture at two botanical gardens, two garden centers, and a nature center.

Bonus sidebar: A Handful of Top-selling Nature-themed Gifts 

Spotlight on Personal Care Products  
Scents for a New Age – Selling More Candles and Aromatherapy Products
New Age and metaphysical retailers interviewed for this article said they don’t have to do much of a sales push to sell candles and aromatherapy products. 

Bonus sidebar: Best-selling Aromatherapy Products 

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