May 2022

Stationery Store Trends
Getting Stationery Sales Right – Trends in Putting Pen to Paper
Hand-written cards and letters are seeing a comeback for a
screen-weary public.
Trends and Sales Strategies for Black-Owned Jewelry Stores in Atlanta, Ga., Memphis, Tenn., New Orleans, La. and Washington, D.C.
Contributor Hilary Larsen discusses trends and sales strategies with jewelry retailers from Black-owned stores.
Bonus Sidebar: What Is Your Top Customer Service Tip?
Easy Gifts for Sunny Location Stores – Jewelry Trends at Coastal Boutiques
For coastal stores, jewelry can be a perfect fit for guests looking to purchase packable, unique gifts for self or others. This story features interviews with stores in Maine, Canada and New Jersey regarding jewelry sales.
Bonus Sidebar: Is Delicate Jewelry Still Popular or Are Bigger Jewelry Pieces Trending?
Apparel and Accessories
Best Bets for Babies – Apparel and Accessories Trends at Stores
in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Kansas and Indiana
How fashion-forward parents are dressing today’s tots.
Bonus Sidebar: What Are the Top Baby Apparel Colors?
A Fun Way to Enhance a Visit for Guests – Offering Apparel at Museum Stores
Apparel sales trends at museums in North Adams, Mass., Frisco, Texas, and Branson, Mo.
Looks for Vacations and More – Apparel Trends at Resort and Seaside Stores
At apparel shops in California, Hawaii and Alaska near resort and seaside locations, the trends are as varied as the merchandise and clientele.
Bonus Sidebar: Have Supply Chain Problems Affected Merchandise Delivery?
Year-Round Christmas Stores
Going All Out for Holidays – Best-Selling Christmas StoreMerchandise
According to this story, Americans are celebrating a return to normal with record décor budgets. There are a million ways to celebrate Christmas, but lately, holiday retailers have noticed a trend: People are going all out.
Country and Variety Stores – Merchandise that Meets Community Needs and Wants
For this article, country and variety stores were interviewed in Alaska, California, Idaho and Colorado to discuss shopping trends and merchandise.
Giving Sweets for Special Gifts – Business Trends at Candy Stores
For this article, Contributor Carime Lane interviewed candy retailers in Fort Saskatchewan, AB, China Grove, N.C. and Lexington, N.C., to discuss business trends and customer service tips.

Giving a Read on Retail Trends – Best-Selling Gifts at College Stores
From stickers to stemware, wall art to wallets, college stores’ gift departments truly carry something for everyone. This article features a discussion of gifts with college retailers in Pennsylvania, Alabama, Michigan and Washington.
Name-Dropped Products and Souvenirs
Trends in Name-Dropped Souvenirs at Zoos and Aquariums
Name-dropped souvenirs may cost more to order, but they are among the most popular items sold at zoo and aquarium stores. For this article, retailers representing attractions in Michigan, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Massachusetts discussed name-dropped products.
Name-Dropped Souvenirs at Public Lands Partner Stores
Many public lands partners are just beginning to offer name-dropped merchandise. But when these items are offered, they prove a popular fundraising tool.
Bonus Sidebar: When Name-Dropped Souvenirs Don’t Sell
Helping Fans Show Their Spirit – Licensed Products at Sports
Fan Stores
Whether cheering for a local, regional, or national team, dedicated sports fans want to show off their team spirit. For this article, sports retailers in Illinois, Nevada, West Virginia and Ohio discussed their businesses.
Whether Nature-Made or Commercially Produced, Gifts Sell at Caves and Caverns
A variety of items sell at caves and caverns, and for this story Contributor Carime Lane interviewed officials in New Mexico, Texas and Missouri to discuss sales trends.
Bonus Sidebar: Top Display Tips for Custom Products
Home Décor and Quality Gifts
Big Sales for the Home – Décor and Quality Gifts Are Selling
at Gift Stores
High-end gifts and home décor items are moving well for the gift stores in New York, Florida, Massachusetts and New Hampshire interviewed for this article.
Bonus Sidebar: Which Decorative Signs Sell Best and Why?
Games, Playthings and Plush
Fixing to Cure Toy Needs – Selling Playthings at Hardware Stores and Pharmacies
Shoppers can pivot to purchase toys even if they are shopping hardware
stores and pharmacies for other merchandise, this story found.
Plush and Toys at Toy Stores – Whether New or Classic, Toys Are Selling
For this story, Contributor June Allan Corrigan interviewed toy retailers in Nevada, Louisiana, Virginia, Minnesota and Delaware to discuss trends in playthings sales.

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