May 2021

Jewelry at Seaside Boutiques and Jewelry Stores
Bonus Sidebar: Is natural fiber jewelry selling or are sales
stalling and why?
Increasing Jewelry and Home Décor Sales at Art Museum Shops
Bonus Sidebar: The Pandemic’s Mixed Effects on Home Décor Sales
Resort and Beach Apparel at Boutiques
Bonus Sidebar: What Are Your Coastal-Themed Gift Best-Sellers?
Stationery, Calendars, Frames, and Gift Wrap at Stationery and Gift Stores
Bonus Sidebar: What Are Your Top Tips to Sell More Frames?
Zoo and Aquariums
Inexpensive Souvenirs Are Big at Zoo Gift Shops
Bonus Sidebar: Top Selling Stickers at Zoo Gift Shops
Souvenirs and Gifts Section
Trends in Souvenirs and Gifts at Caves, Caverns, and Non-Profits
The Gift Picture at College Stores – The Best Buys for Students and Alums
Bonus Sidebar: What Types of Higher-Priced Gifts Sell Best for You?
Bringing Home Scented Soaps and Candles – Selling Tips from Gift Stores
Bonus Sidebar: What Is Your Top Customer Service Tip?
Special Occasions
Spotlight on Christmas – The Business Picture at Year-Round Christmas Stores
Bonus Sidebar: Theft Prevention at Christmas Shops
Plush and Toys
Trends in Toys and Gifts at Baby Stores
Bonus Sidebar: Using Social Media to Increase Sales
Independent Toy Stores – Predictions for the Best-Sellers of 2021
Bonus Sidebar: Are Children’s Book Sales Up, Down or Flat and Why?

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