May 2019

Las Vegas Market
Museum Merchandise – The Home Décor and Quality Gifts Outlook
What is popular in the museum gift store in the home décor and more-expensive gifts categories.
Bonus Sidebar: Mementos for When Money is Minimal

How Jewelry Stores Reach Out to Their Communities
A look at how four jewelry stores keep in touch with their customers and communities.
Pearls of Wisdom on Selling More Jewelry – Perspectives from Gift Stores and Boutiques
For this article, one gift shop and three boutiques discussed how they sell jewelry from among their merchandise mixes.
Bonus Sidebar: Beads, Plastic or Wood? – Which Alternatives to Silver and Gold Jewelry Sell Best?
Bonus Sidebar: What Are Your Top Tips to Train an Effective Jewelry-Selling Sales Staff?
Expert Jewelry Display Advice – Perspectives from Boutiques and Zoo and Hospital Gift Shops
A look at how a hospital shop, a boutique and two zoo stores display jewelry.

Stationery Coverage
Notes and Other Niceties – Calendars, Gifts, Stationery, Frames and Writing Instruments at Gift and Stationery Stores
For this article, store owners and staff members provided their insights into selling more gifts, calendars, stationery, writing instruments and other items.
Bonus Sidebar: Sales All Around – Which Frames Sell Best?
Signs from the Coast – The Forecast for Selling More Stickers, Signs and Coastal Gifts
For this article, Contributing Writer June Allan Corrigan spoke with store officials from four coastal stores to discuss their sales outlooks.
Bonus Sidebar: What Are Your Top Display Tips?

Spotlight on Accessories
A Look at Creating a Look – Accessories at College Bookstores and Resort and Boutique Stores
How accessories can boost sales.
Bonus Sidebar: Big or Small Sunglass Frames?
Upselling for an Outfit – Fashion Accessories at Apparel and Baby Stores
For this article, five different store owners and staff members offered a look at what sells best and how to sell more in the area of fashion accessories.
Bonus Sidebar: Best-selling Baby Equipment

Selling the Details – T-shirts at Cave, Cavern and National Park Gift Shops
Want to sell more T-shirts to park and cave tourists? To start, make sure your tops have a great logo, this article found.
Bonus Sidebar: Do Children’s and Baby Apparel Sizes Sell?
Flower Fever – Best-Selling Apparel with a Botanical Theme at Botanical Garden Gift Shops
Which merchandise wins among guests at botanical garden and arboretum gift shops.
Helping Guests Show Their Spirit – Licensed Apparel at Sports Fan and College Stores
A look at the apparel that is selling at sports fan and college stores.
Bonus Sidebar: Crewneck or Hoodie? Which Sweatshirt Style Sells Best?

Home Décor and Quality Gifts
Coastal and Quality Gifts – Trends at Maritime Museums andCoastal Gift Stores
For this article, retail experts shared both their pride in their locales and the merchandise that sells in their gift stores.

Resort Merchandise
The Ultimate Resort Experience – How Two Retail Destinations Are Finding New Ways to Appeal to Discerning Guests
A look at the merchandise picture for two resorts.
Bonus Sidebar: Operation Upgrade – Five Ways to Expand Both the Inventory and the In-Store Experience

Personal Care
Profiting from Personal Care – Cleaning Up with Bath and Body Products
Boutiques, pharmacies, inspirational, and gift stores are just some of the retailers tapping into the bath and body category.
Bonus Sidebar: Bath and Body Products – Handcrafted or Mass Produced?

Zoos and Museums
Creating Memorable Mementos – Selling More Name-Dropped and Custom Merchandise
For this article, a selection of zoos and museums discussed their custom and name-dropped merchandise.
Bonus Sidebar: Status Report – Plush and Name-Dropping

Games, Playthings and Plush
A Nod-to-the-Past Pastimes Plus Present-Day Playthings – Toy Sales at Country Stores
Toy offerings are aplenty at country stores.
Bonus Sidebar: Are Toys Year-Round Good Sellers, or Just During the Holidays?
Best-Selling Plush, Playthings, and Games
There is a newfound appreciation for classic toys, this article found.
Bonus Sidebar: What Toys Do You Leave Out For Kids toPlay With?
Bonus Sidebar: Tips for Attention-Getting Displays

Special Occasions Spotlight
Prepping for Christmas – How Holiday Stores Get Ready for Peak Season
Contributing Writer Natalie Hope McDonald interviewed two well-know Christmas stores to get a picture of trends in the Christmas-store industry.
Bonus Sidebar: Saying Goodbye to a Southern Christmas Tradition – Parsons Closes Its Doors after 142 years

Candy Gifts
The Delicious Dish from Candy Stores on Best-Sellers
Why candy is a natural gift category for every age, preference and budget.
Bonus Sidebar: Is Your Store Geared Toward Kids’ Tastes Or Adults’ Tastes?

Gift Best-Sellers at Hardware Stores and Florists
How stores with a primary focus on other types of merchandise can do well with gifts too.
Bonus Sidebar: Hardware Stores – What Are Your Most Unusual Gift Choices?

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