May 2018

Stationery Section
Chasing Paper Sales – Stationery, Sticker and Writing Instrument Best-Sellers
For this article, four stationers shared tips on how they sell more of their writing-related wares.

Bonus Sidebar – SGN Asked: What Is Your Best-selling Merchandise Item and Why?

From Cardinals to Chickadees – Merchandise at the Audubon Shop
A look at the Audubon Shop in Madison, Conn., which was established in 1986.

Botanical Garden and Museum Deals and Steals – Tips to Offer Inexpensive Merchandise
Why cheaper merchandise can mean big profits.

Selling More Gifts – Perspectives from a Garden Center, a Florist and Gift Shops
Shop officials discuss the gift-selling picture.

Bonus Sidebar: From Casual to Classic – What Type of Environment Do You Try to Create in Your Store?

Boosting Sales of Be-Well Gifts – Selling More Merchandise at Hospital Stores
A look at selling strategies at hospital shops.

Jewelry Trends: The Story at Four Stores
For this article, four geographically diverse gift shops identified some of their jewelry best-sellers and shared tips on how they boost sales.

Bonus Sidebar: Four Jewelry Promotion Perspectives

Tips for Sunny Sales – Jewelry Best-Sellers at Resort and Beach Stores
How stores capitalize on the fact that jewelry provides the perfect, finishing touch to an outfit.

Bonus Sidebar: Best-selling Less Expensive Jewelry at Jewelry Stores and Boutiques

A Trip to the General Store – In Search of Jewelry, Wearables and a Nod to the Past
The outlook for jewelry and other merchandise at general stores.

Spotlight on Fashion Accessories
Boutique Trends – What’s Hot and What’s Not
What’s selling well at boutiques nowadays?

Gem and Mineral Section
Getting Guests to Go for Gleaming Gifts – Gem and Mineral Merchandise at Science Museums and Caves
For this article, museum and cave staff members shared their tips for top sales and discussed their best-selling items.

Making Museum Store Apparel More Appealing
A look at how museums sell apparel.

Dressed for the Head of the Class – Student Apparel Favorites at College Stores
For college stores, clothing choices and ways to elevate student buying vary nationwide.

Making Tee Sales Tops – Selling More T-shirts at Caves, Resorts and Beach Stores 00
At resort shops, beach stores, and cave shops, T-shirts remain popular.

Home Decor, Bath and Body, Candles, Gifts and Collectibles
Merchandise to Make a Space Special – Selling More Home Decor Items at Variety, General and Country Stores
This article contains a look at some of the top sellers and how to sell more of these categories.

Bonus Sidebar: Down-Home Decor – Top Selling Country-Themed Items

Gift and Hospital Stores – Selling Soaps and Lotions As Feel-Good Potions
For this article, proprietors at a selection of retail establishments identified some of their top-selling products and shared selling strategies.

Bonus Sidebar: The Scents that Sell – What Is Your Best-Selling Lotion Scent?

The Gift of Personal Care – Selling Special Gift-Quality Soaps and Lotions at Gift Stores
For this article, two retailers discussed selling soaps and lotions.

Bonus Sidebar: Fragrance Finds – Scents that Sell Well

Sales Tips and Top Sellers – Selling More Quality Gifts at Resort Stores
For this article, store staff offered their tips to improve sales, and described some of their top sellers.

Bonus Sidebar: Surprise Best-Selling Quality Gifts

Pharmacies, Hardware and Discount Stores – Unconventional Spots for Great Gifts
Many pharmacies, hardware stores, and discount stores offer a wide range of items that make gift-giving easy for shoppers.

Bonus Sidebar: What Is Your Best Gift Bargain

Collectibles at Hallmark Stores – Making a Comeback or Selling Slowly?
The picture on collectibles sales at a selection of stores.

Bonus Sidebar: Are Hosting Artist’s Events Successful at Hallmark Stores?

Candy and Gift Basket Favorites
Candy and Gift Basket Favorites at Florist and Gift Basket Stores
Four businesses discuss what works to increase their profits.

Bonus Sidebar: Do You Sell More Big or Small Flower and Gift Basket Arrangements and Why?

Bonus Sidebar: An Acquired Taste – How Two Destinations Sell Snacks

Games, Playthings and Plush
Kids at Play – Selling More Toys at Children’s Museum Stores
A special look at what playthings sell for children’s museums.

Bonus Sidebar: What’s New in Toys for 2018?

Zoos and Aquariums
Bringing in the Best – Tips to Stock Unique Home Decor, Collectibles and Name-Dropped Gifts
For this article, store staff members offered information on top selling items and buying tips for home décor, collectibles and name-dropped gifts.

Bonus Sidebar: Name-dropped Newcomers Slated for 2018 at Zoo and Aquarium Shops

Helping Guests Find that Perfect Gift – Perspectives from Zoos and Aquariums
How gift stores seek to intrigue their clientele with interesting merchandise.

The Name of the Game – Selling More Name-Dropped Merchandise at Zoos, Aquariums, Museums and Historic Homes
T-shirts and books top the list of name-dropped best-sellers for some zoos and attractions.

Christmas, Thanksgiving and Grandparent’s Day
Best-Selling Signs at Christmas, Hallmark and Gift Stores
Why signs do well for Christmas, Hallmark and gift stores.

Bonus Sidebar: Big or Small? Which Types of Signs Sell Best?

Hot Sellers for Happy Days – Best-Selling Birthday, Thanksgiving and Grandparents’ Day Merchandise
While Halloween and Christmas generate the most business, birthdays, Thanksgiving and even Grandparents’ Day can also generate sales.

Bonus Sidebar: Selling Birthday Merchandise – Tips to Supply the Big Bash

Literary Museums
Writers’ Museum Shops – A Mission to Support Legacies of Good Reads
How gift stores serve to support literary figure museums.

Logo and Licensed Merchandise
Logo and Licensed Merchandise at Public Lands, Resort and Minor League Baseball Fan Stores
Logoed and licensed merchandise tends to be a strong seller in every category, but even with these items, it is essential to keep an eye on what’s currently popular.

New Merchandise for the Fun of It
What Is on the Merchandise Horizon for the 2018 Season at Attractions
At amusement parks, waterparks, and other attractions, 2018 is gearing up to be a stellar year for new merchandise.

The Back Story
Location Profile: The American Treasure Tour

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