May 2017

Stationery, Signs, Frames and Party Supplies Section
Where Paper Presents Profits – Stationery Is Still a Core Seller for Certain Shops
A look at the state of business for stationery shops.

Bonus Sidebar: All Together Now – Selling Different Merchandise with Similar Designs

Bonus Sidebar: Are Jewelry and Stationery a Match? 

Bonus Sidebar: Pressing Matters – Where Does Letterpress Stand? 

Selling Signs Successfully – Trends at Hallmark and Gift Stores  
Signs of all kinds, including wooden, metal and vintage, are each showing strong sales for stores. 

Hallmark and Gift Store Report – The Picture on Frames, Calendars and Writing Instruments
A look at the sales outlook for frames, calendars and writing instruments.

Bonus Sidebar: The Sales Read for Writing Instruments 

Party Store Fun Goods for Festive Times – Selling Decorations, Balloons, Gift Wrap, Stickers and More 
The sales picture from party stores.

Taking Noshing Up a Notch – Selling More Treats and Gourmet Gifts 
Store staff members explain how to boost customer interest in edible merchandise. 

Bonus Sidebar: Filled or Solid – What Type of Chocolate Sells Best? 

Sowing Seeds for Sales – Selling More Home Decor Items at Botanical Gardens 
Home décor items—most with a garden or nature theme—are finding their way onto the sales floors of garden centers and botanical gardens.

Changes Generating Sales – Merchandise Trends in Hospital Gift Shops 
Trends in gifts with meaning at hospital gift stores.

Products that Pamper – How to Sell More Bath and Body Products 
Store owners discuss the types of products people most love to buy from health and beauty boutiques.

Bonus Sidebar: Why Offering Scents Always Make Sense 

Baby Gifts, Goods and Keepsakes – The Best-sellers and Most Memorable Merchandise 
A look at what is selling for babies.

Sunny Sales Near the Surf – Gifts, Sunglasses and Jewelry Best-Sellers 
The picture on select merchandise trends at seaside locale stores.

Bonus Sidebar: Do Men’s, Women’s or Unisex Sunglasses Sell Best? 

Selling Gems and Minerals – From Loose Stones to Artful Gifts and Decor
The stone gift selling picture at caves and caverns.

90 Bonus Sidebar: Why Lighting Can Mean Bright Sales 

Exhibiting Good Taste – Museum Gem and Mineral Jewelry Best-Sellers 
The factors that go into selling more gem and mineral jewelry gifts at museum stores.

Jewelry and Art – How Museum Gift Shops Are Standing Out with Accessories 
A look at the jewelry sales picture at a selection of museums.

Bonus Sidebar: Four Tips to Sell More Jewelry 

Tips to Sell More Jewelry at Jewelry Stores and Boutiques 
Jewelry retailers share their sales strategies.

Bonus Sidebar: Finding Workers Who Are Gems – The Most Important Qualities in Employees 

Apparel and Accessories  
Perfect Pairings – Apparel and Fashion Accessories at Apparel Boutiques 
Tips from apparel boutiques to boost sales.

Bonus Sidebar: A Small Survey of the Top-selling Accessories  

Inspirational Stores – Selling Tips for Moving More Merchandise 
Inspirational store staff members offer tips to highlight apparel items and improve sales. 

Tips to Sell More Tees – Name-Dropped T-shirts at College Stores 
Advice to sell more T-shirts from a selection of college stores.

Zoos and Aquariums 
Getting T-Shirt Sales Soaring at Zoos and Aquariums 
An article that includes strategies to sell more T-shirts.

Bonus Sidebar: Baby and Toddler Apparel: How Well Does It Sell? 

Memories from the Wild – Tips to Sell More Souvenirs at Zoos and Aquariums  
Advice to sell more souvenirs at zoos and aquariums.

Bonus Sidebar: Top-Selling Souvenirs Under $10 

Nature’s Playground – Best-Selling Plush and Toys at Zoos and Aquariums 
A look at plush and toy best-sellers.

Bonus Sidebar: How to Fluff Up Plush Sales 

Plush and Toys 
Creating Community – How Toy Stores Are Becoming Destinations for More Than Just Shopping  
How toy stores are offering hands-on fun along with merchandise.

Bonus Sidebar: How to Introduce New Merchandise 

Easy Fun at Hardware Stores – Selling Toy Cars, Plush, Doll Houses, Classic Playthings and More
How neighborhood hardware store are doing well with a selection of toys and plush.

Blooming Toy Sales – Tips to Sell More Plush at Florists 
For this article, florists offer tips to make plush a must-have selection for customers.

Public Lands Partner Stores 
Generating Profits for Parks – What Is New This Season at Public Lands 
In this article, public lands retail officials share merchandise trends.

Special Occasion Merchandise 
Party, Gift and Hallmark Stores: Trends in Year-End Selling 
How Christmas racks up sales for party, gift and Hallmark stores.

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