March/April 2022

Retailer Spotlight
Insights from Black Retailers in Massachusetts, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan and California
Contributor Hilary Larson reports on the rewards and challenges faced by Black retailers.
Apparel and Accessories
Great-Selling Garments – T-shirt Trends at Zoos and Aquariums
For this article, Contributor Carime Lane interviewed four store managers about their T-shirt-selling strategies.
Bonus Sidebar: Do You Sell T-Shirts in Different Cuts?
Why or Why Not?
Where Sales Win – Licensed Gifts for Football and Sports Fans
For this article, Contributor Hilary Larson interviewed store owners and managers in Philadelphia, Pa., Brookfield, Wis., Tukwila, Wash., and Carson, Calif., for a look at best-selling licensed gifts for sports fans.
Getting Shoppers Excited About the Extras – Jewelry, Handbags, Footwear and Socks at Boutiques
The right accessory brings an outfit together, expresses personality and can be used to complement other outfits in a customer’s closet as well. This article contains insights on selling accessories from store owners in Chicago, Ill., Lakeland, Fla., Dallas, Texas, and Willoughby, Ohio.
Bonus Sidebar: What Type of Shopping Experience Do You Strive to Create For Shoppers?
How People Show Their Love for Parks – Apparel at Public Lands Partner Stores
As Americans have flocked in record numbers to national parks, demand for souvenir apparel has reached new heights, according to this article.
Bonus Sidebar: Are Hats Good Sellers? What Types of Hats and Why?
Selections for When the Sun Shines – Summer Apparel and Accessories at Resort Stores
Whether name-dropped or one-of-a-kind items made by local artisans and vendors, apparel and accessories are among the top sellers for resort stores. This article explores the topic with retailer interviews from stores in Orlando, Naples and Islamorada, Fla., Mount Tremper, N.Y. and Big Sur, Calif.
Bonus Sidebar: Current Trends in Sunglasses
Carving Out Sales – Jewelry at Cave and Cavern Stores
At cave and cavern stores, jewelry is as hot as ever, this story reports.
Bonus Sidebar: What Is Your Top Customer Service Tip?
Home Décor
Gifts for Home with a Collegiate Flair – Home Décor Merchandise at College Stores
Home décor isn’t a major category for college bookstores where apparel, souvenirs and textbooks are strong sellers. But these stores do offer a
variety of gifts for the home.
Maritime Museum and Coastal Store Report
Tying Sales to Sea-Themed Gifts – Nautical Merchandise at Maritime Museums
Merchandise with a local touch does well for maritime museums. For this article, SGN’s Contributor interviewed a curator, a director of visitor services,
a museum store buyer, a museum operations coordinator, and a guest services manager to discuss nautical merchandise offered in their stores.
Bonus Sidebar: How Do You Reach Out to Boat Enthusiasts?
Bringing to Mind Where Sea and Land Meet – Best-Selling Coastal Gifts
For this article, SGN’s Contributor interviewed store owners in Plymouth,
Mass., Hamburg, Pa., and Sea Isle City, N.J., for a look at selling coastal gifts.
Bonus Sidebar: How Stores Use Color for Sales Success
Resort Report
Quality Gifts at Resorts – Unique Products from Unique Locations
Resort stores stock a selection of higher-priced gifts for shoppers looking
for unique quality goods.
Having a Vision for Selling – Visual Merchandising and Display at Resorts
This article covers how resorts draw attention to their gift store merchandise.
Games, Puzzles and Plush
From the Classics to What’s Current – Trends in Games and
Puzzles at Pharmacies and Hardware and Toy Stores
Games and puzzles are standard fixtures on toy store shelves, but they are also available in some non-traditional niche retailers—namely, hardware
stores and pharmacies.
Bonus Sidebar: Top Games and Puzzles for Kids and Adults
Finding Fun Beyond Games – Trends in Plush, Dolls and Action Figures at Toy Stores
For this article, toy retailers in West Chester, Pa., Kokomo, Ind., and in Delaware, said plush, dolls, and action figures remain as popular as ever.
Party Stores
Keeping Sales Popping – Party Supply and Decoration
Best-Sellers at Party Stores
Get-togethers are slowly getting larger as more people feel comfortable attending in-person events, and party stores are there with the goods customers want for their parties.
Bonus Sidebar: Are Parties Staying Small?
Christmas Stores
Trends and Best-Selling Merchandise at Year-Round Christmas Stores
For this article, three store owners and a buyer from Christmas stores in
Texas, California, New Mexico and Arizona, described current trends,
best-selling merchandise, and the techniques they use to get customers
in the holiday spirit all year long.

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