March/April 2020

Apparel, Hats, T-shirts, and Fashion Accessories
• Wearables Near the Water – Apparel at Coastal and Lake Stores
What colors and styles will boutique shoppers see at coastal resorts in 2020?
• Bonus Sidebar: V-Neck, Scoop, or Crew? Which Necklines Sell Most Nicely?
• Hats, Socks, Footwear, Sunglasses, and Handbags – Offering Accessories at Coastal Stores
For this article, store owners and staff offered tips on selling more fashion accessories.
• Bonus Sidebar: Saying Hello for Higher Sales
• Riding a Wave of T-shirt Sales – T-shirts and Sweatshirts at Beach Shops
When it comes to T-shirt versus sweatshirt sales, T-Shirts come out on top at beach shops, according to retailers interviewed for this article.
• The Best Ways to Buy – Merchandise Buying Advice from Apparel Stores
For this article, boutique owners from Hawaii, Texas, and California shared their secrets to finding unique merchandise for their niche markets.

Souvenirs and Gifts
• How to Get Souvenir Sales Sailing Along at Nautical Museum Shops
What are the hot souvenir trends at nautical museums?
• Bonus Sidebar: Cleaning Up with Tea Towels Sales
• Gifts at Coastal Stores – Trends and the 2020 Outlook
For this article, retail establishments in four shoreline communities around the United States discussed the kinds of gift trends they expect to see in 2020.
• Bonus Sidebar: On or Off? Sales of Lighthouses and Gifts with Lighthouse Motifs
• Quality on Exhibit – Better Gifts and Home Décor at Museum Shops
The quality gifts picture at museum shops.
• Bonus Sidebar: Creating Displays Takes Time and Talent
• What Is Selling at the Zoo and Aquarium – The Souvenir and Gift Picture
The most popular merchandise for zoos and aquariums.
• Bonus Sidebar: How Do You Keep Your Displays Neat and Clean?
• Giving Resort and Beach Shop Shoppers What They Want – Custom and Name-Dropped Merchandise
What do resort shoppers want?

Visual Merchandising and Display
• Arranging for Sales with Great Displays – Display Strategies from Hallmark and Gift Stores
For this article, four retailers offered their opinions on what works in the area of display.
• Bonus Sidebar: What Are Your Top Tips to Keep Displays Clean?
• Displays that Show You Care – Making the Most of the Merchandise at Hospital Stores
The strong display techniques employed at hospital stores.

• Taking Home Natural Wonders – Jewelry at Caves, Caverns and Rock Shops
A pendant, ring, bracelet or earrings designed to include favorite stones are manageable ways for people to claim some of nature’s beauty as their own.
• Following Trends and Revering Classics – Jewelry at Jewelry Stores
For this article, jewelry store officials were interviewed to take the pulse of the industry.
• Baubles for Well-Being – Jewelry at Inspirational Stores
At spiritual stores, sales of necklaces, bracelets and gemstones tend to be driven by individual considerations.

Country Store Report
• Best-Sellers for the Bath – Personal Care Products at Country Stores
Country stores cater to local tastes, so it’s no surprise that locally sourced, artisan soaps and lotions are best-sellers.
• Bonus Sidebar: What Are the Best-Selling Scents in Soaps, Lotions and Bath Products?

• Where All Signs Point to Sales – Signs at Country Stores
At country stores, signs of all types make great gift items and fun souvenirs, and add unique décor touches to many homes, according to store officials interviewed for this article.
• A Taste for Sales – Snacks, Candy and Gourmet Products at Country and Candy Stores
Country and candy stores throughout the nation offer delights and treats for shoppers young and older.

Sports Fan Stores
• Fans with The Fever – Which Licensed Sports Merchandise Are Sports Lovers Buying
The reasoning behind people’s motivation to buy licensed sports merchandise is as wide and varied as the products themselves.
• Bonus Sidebar: What Are Your Top-Selling Items for Women?

Party, Pharmacy, and Discount Stores
• Selling Everything for Occasions – Doing Well with Decorations
Best-selling party supplies and decorations may vary by store, but sales are always a reason for celebration.

Games, Playthings & Plush
• The Trends in Toys – Plush and Toys at Pharmacies, Party, and Gift Stores
From lions to lambs, Jellycats rule the plush section at many flower, garden, drug and hardware stores.
• Toys Geared Toward Tots – Playthings at Childern’s and Baby Shops
Display and providing good accessibility to items for customers appears to be a great way to boost toy sales, this article found.
• Bonus Sidebar: Display Advice for Plush and Toys

Waterpark and Theme Park Stores
• Gifts and Souvenirs: What’s New for the 2020 Season?
With the start of the summer season just around the corner, waterparks and theme parks are adding new merchandise in their retail outlets.

Christmas and Holiday Merchandise
• Where Sales Can Be Jolly Year-Round – Christmas Merchandise
at Year-round Christmas Stores
For this article, six owners and managers of specialty Christmas-themed businesses discussed their top selling items and who shops at their stores.

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