March/April 2018

Apparel Report · Advice for Best Sales Results  

Apparel and Fashion Accessories Sales Advice from the Experts – Boutique Owners and Managers Reveal their Selling Secrets
Boutique owners are ready with both personalized suggestions and a store full of coordinated outfits styled that inspire — and sell.

Bonus Sidebar: What Is Your Top Tip to Thwart Shoplifters?  
Display Tips for Apparel and Fashion Accessories at Botanical Garden Gift Stores At botanical garden gift stores, there are many opportunities for displaying apparel and accessory items that improve sales and draw more customers.

Display Tips for Apparel and Fashion Accessories at Botanical Garden Gift Stores
A look at apparel and accessory sales at botanical gardens.

Bonus Sidebar: How Do Flowers at the Garden Influence Apparel and Accessory Designs?

Tops that are Tops – Selling More T-shirts and Sweatshirts at Public Lands Partner Stores
This article contains selling tricks for T-shirts and sweatshirts.

Bonus Sidebar: Pastels, Primaries, Black or White? What Are Your Top-selling T-shirt Colors? 

The Best for the Beach – Selling Apparel and Fashion Accessories at Beach and Resort Stores 
A look at the best-sellers in apparel and fashion accessories at beach and resort stores. 

Bonus sidebar: Which Hats Sell Best and Why?  

Bonus sidebar: What Are the Best-Selling Sunglasses and Why?  

Dressed for the Great Wide Open – Selling More Apparel for Outdoor Fun 
For customers heading into the great outdoors for fun and recreation, having the proper clothing is a must.

Bonus Sidebar: Putting a Best Foot Forward – Best-selling Footwear 

Bonus Sidebar: Best-Dressed Babies – Selling More Baby Apparel and Fashion Accessories 

Garden Center Vendor Spotlight
Simply Sensational Sales – A Garden Center Gift Shop Story
DeWayne’s Garden Center in Selma, N.C., is an apparel and gift destination for legions of savvy locals.

Stationery Section 
Trends in Greeting Cards – From Works of Art to Cheaper and Chic
The selling picture for cards, including the selection from vendor Quilling Cards.

Display Tips to Move Stationery and Greeting Cards
A look at how a selection of stores display stationery and greeting cards for the best sales results.

Selling More Signs at Resort Stores
Signs are popular purchases at a variety of resort stores across the country. For this article, store staff members described what types sell best and how to improve sales. 

Pet Gifts 
Best-Sellers to Bark About – How to Sell More Pet Gifts at Pet Boutiques
Part of the more than $60 million Americans spend each year on pets is spent on gifts. This article contains tips from pet boutique officials on selling more pet gifts.

Spotlight on Art and Science Museums – How to Sell More Quality Gift and Home Accent Items
A look at the merchandise that inspires sales at art and science museum gift stores.

Bonus Sidebar – The Fabric of Selling – Most Popular Home Textiles

Coastal-Themed and Nautical Gifts – Achieving Smooth-Sailing Sales at Maritime Museums
For this article, store staff members discussed coastal-themed and nautical gifts at maritime museums.  

Gems and Minerals at Science Museums
Creating Sparkling Gift and Jewelry Sales
A look at gem and mineral souvenir trends at science museums.

Christmas Trends
Christmas Merchandise and Decorations – Best-Sellers at Party, Hardware, and Variety Stores
What sells well seasonally for party, hardware, discount and variety stores.

Baubles for Babies and Moms at Baby Stores
How jewelry is selling at a selection of baby shops.

Hidden Gems – Adding Adornments to a Cave and Cavern Visit 
Why jewelry is a huge category for the gift shops at caves and caverns, and how the locations cater to customers. 

Inspirational Stores – Jewelry Best-Sellers and Advice for Better Sales 
Why jewelry is a winner for store that strive to inspire.

Licensed Merchandise 
Learning to Sell – Licensed Gifts and Apparel at College Stores 
In this article, college stores shared their tips to sell more gifts and apparel that feature the school’s logo, colors or sports team.

Keeping the Fires of Fan Loyalties Burning – Advice to Sell More Sports Souvenirs 
This won’t come as breaking news, but when it comes to selling sports-related souvenirs and other merchandise, a winning team creates top profits. 

Edible Gifts Section 
Selling More Custom Candy at Attractions 
It’s a sweet question – how do you sell more custom candy at attractions, shops, and hotels? For this article, staff members gave their tasty advice about top sellers and how to make and keep sales high.

Personal Care Products
Selling Solutions for Stress – Personal Care Products and Candles at Hallmark and Gift Stores
How brand loyalty boosts sales of scented pillars, votives and tea lights.

Bonus Sidebar: What Is Your Best-Selling Personal Care Product and Why? 

Games, Playthings and Plush 
Hot Toy Trends – Best-sellers From the NY Toy Fair and at Indie Retailers Around the Country
A discussion of current toy trends.

Keeping the Fun in the Family – Toy Trends at Family Resorts 
For this article, store staff members offered their top-sellers and information about their plans for 2018.

Zoo and Aquarium Section 
Name-Dropped Merchandise Strategies
Why name-dropped merchandise is a win-win for zoos and aquariums. 

Bonus Sidebar: Bringing in the Big Bucks

The Hottest Souvenirs for 2018 at Zoos and Aquariums
A look at what is selling well for zoos and aquariums. 

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