March/April 2017

ASD Section: Value and Variety Stores
Where the Price and Product is Right – Selling More Gifts at Value and Variety Stores
For this article, store owners and their staff members discussed the gift choices they have available and their store’s goals when it comes to gift sales.

Profiting from Playthings – Selling More Plush and Toys at General, Value and Variety Stores
Maintaining a balance between carrying enough plush and toy inventory and merchandising it properly can make the difference for shops. 

All Signs Point to Success – Selling More Signs at General Stores
Why decorative signs are a popular decor item for many shoppers visiting general stores. 

ASD Section
Signs and Artwork Trends at Gift Stores
A look at the sign and artwork sales picture from the perspective of Prints Charming customers.

Apparel, Hats, T-Shirts and Fashion Accessories 
Dressing for Success – Tips to Sell More Apparel and Accessories
Advice from retailers to find success selling apparel and accessories.

Bonus Sidebar: The Extras that Sell Best  

Selling a Stroll on the Beach – Moving More Footwear and Sunglasses at Beach and Resort Stores
This article discusses selling tips for footwear and sunglasses.

Bonus Sidebar: Top Selling Sundries for Sunny Locales 

How to Earn An ‘A’ for T-Shirt Sales – Tips from Zoo and Aquarium Stores
This article offers tips from managers and buyers at zoo and aquarium gift shops on selling T-shirts.

Bonus Sidebar: Top Shades for Shirts

T-Shirts on the Go – The Stories of How Two Gift Shops on Public Lands Sell Tees
How public lands stores associated with Eastern National and The Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation sell more T-shirts.

Bonus Sidebar: Three Tips for Selling More Tees

Hospital Stores
Creating a Feel-Good Store – Tips to Sell More Merchandise
An article that offers merchandise selling advice.

Gems and Minerals 
Hidden Gems – Unique Jewelry and Home Décor
Science museums, New Age shops and cave and cavern stores all do well with gem and mineral products.

Where the Sales Shine Bright – Selling Loose Gems and Minerals
A look at selling gems and minerals.

Spotlight on Display 
Bringing the Sales Home – Home Decor Display Advice from Gift Stores
This article discusses the best ways to display home decor items in gift stores.

Shopping the Pharmacy – Personal Care Product and Candle Display Tips
A look at how pharmacies display candles and personal card goods for the best sales results.

Bonus Sidebar: Scents that Make Sales Sense: Best-Selling Candle Fragrances 

Best Display Advice from National Park Location Stores
For this story, national park store staff members described display techniques.

 Jewelry Display Advice to Ring up Sales
In this article, store owners and staff offer display tips to make jewelry sales really shine.

Bonus Sidebar: Drawing Attention to Rings 

Wearable Art with a Local Twist – Tips for Selling More Jewelry at Museum Gift Shops
How four museums handle making the most of selling jewelry.

Bonus Sidebar: Four Tips for Selling More Jewelry  

Making the Most of Meaningful Merchandise – Selling More Jewelry at Inspirational Stores
Inspirational stores rely on a mix of careful merchandising, display, social media and suggestive selling to boost jewelry sales.

Licensed Merchandise 
Winning with Wearables – Tips for Selling More Licensed Apparel
Advice on selling team spirit merchandise.

A Study in Sales – Selling More Licensed and Branded Merchandise at College Bookstores
The licensed merchandise picture at a selection of college stores.

Nautical Merchandise 
Going the Nautical Mile – Best-sellers at Maritime Museums
A look at which merchandise is selling in maritime museum gift stores.

 Selling Wares Near the Water – Trends in Nautical Gifts
A look at merchandise trends at a resort and three gift stores.

Zoo and Aquarium Section 
Tips to Sell More Souvenirs at Zoos and Aquariums
Gift store personnel discuss how to sell more souvenirs.

Bonus Sidebar: Best-Selling Souvenirs Under $10

Best-Selling Name-Dropped Merchandise and Tips to Pick the Best Products to Name-Drop
Trends in name-dropped merchandise from the experts.

Bonus Sidebar: Are Name-Dropped Magnet Sales Up, Down or Flat and Why?

Plush and Toys Section 

Child’s Play – How Indie Toy Stores Are Building a Loyal Customer Base with Unique Add-Ons
A look at the business picture at a selection of independent toy stores.

Bonus Sidebar: Four Tips for Attracting New and Repeat Customers 

Best-Selling Plush and Toys at Zoos
The playthings pictures for zoos and aquariums.

Bonus Sidebar: What a Surprise! – Unexpected Best-Sellers 

Gifts in Unconventional Locations

Selling More Gifts at Florists, Hardware Stores and Garden Centers
Tips to sell more gifts at florists, hardware stores and garden centers.

Bonus Sidebar: What is at the Root of the Miniature Garden Craze? 

Edible Merchandise 

Selling More Snacks, Candy and Gourmet Products at Country and Candy Stores
This article contains tips to sell more edible merchandise.

Where the Sales Flow Freely – Selling More Gifts at Wineries
How gifts fit into the winery experience.

Megabucks Feature  

Trends in 2016: Which Merchandise Paid Off 
A look back at 2016 in words, numbers and photographs.

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