Lorena Canals Offers Sustainable Home Textiles

Products from Lorena Canals have always been earth-friendly.

Lorena Canals is the perfect choice for sustainable home textiles, because every day is Earth Day. Lorena Canals does its bit for the planet – handmade, using natural fibers and non-toxic dyes are some of the staple values the brand stands for in order to provide Earth-friendly, home-washable rugs and textile accessories that are also zero waste. Lorena Canals has chosen to be Earth-friendly from the very beginning. Since the introduction of its washable rug concept in the market in the 1990s, its rugs and textiles continue to be handmade by craftspeople in its own factory in northern India, using all-natural fibers and chemical-free, non-toxic dyes to ensure durability, child safety and, above all, respect for the environment.

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