Large, Hand-Carved Soapstone Animals

Soapstone animals from Silver Streak are approximately 2-1/2 inches each, and sold on assorted agate and sandstone bases. More than 25 different animals to choose from, including Prehistoric Animals, North American Mammals, Aquatic Animals, and more! Choose an individual animal type in packs of four, or buy an assortment. Get a FREE Stairstep Display with qualified order.
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There are more than 25 different animals in the Silver Streak soapstone animal line.


Got Kids? Get This!

Hand Carved 1-1/2-inch-to-3-inch Arrowheads as low as $.18 each! Available in a Drum Display, FREE with your first qualified order. These Arrowheads are hand-chipped reproductions created from colorful Jasper, Black Obsidian or Mahogany Obsidian. From Silver Streak.
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Silver Streak has colorful arrowheads that are hand-chipped reproductions.

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