Kellytoy Teams Up with California High School to Provide Squishmallows® for Students

Kellytoy, a subsidiary of Jazwares, LLC, has contributed nearly 100 of its best-selling “chonky” Squishmallows to Silverado High School in Mission Viejo, Calif., to help support school efforts such as its Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports (PBIS) program. Kellytoy will officially kick off a formal partnership with Silverado when the school year resumes this fall.
“We are thrilled that Kellytoy has donated so many Squishmallows to our school,” said Assistant Principal Cindy Garamoni. “Our students absolutely love Squishmallows. Plus, our teachers utilize the huggable plush toys as a social-emotional support. Squishmallows have been placed in all classrooms and other areas of the school. They have brought tremendous joy to our students. Additionally, they are the most popular award in the PBIS store.”
“We’re delighted to be able to help the Silverado students by donating members of various Squishmallows squads to the school,” said Kellytoy Co-President Jonathan Kelly. “Members of the online Squishmallows community regularly mention how helpful the mallows can be for emotional support, sensory issues or those who are stressed or suffering from anxiety.”

Squishmallows are popular among students at Mission Viejo, Calif.’s, Silverado High School. Photos by Robyn Alvillar

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