JuniperMarket Opened for Business January 6 – New Ecommerce Platform Connects Buyers and Sellers

JuniperMarket, the new multi-line B2B ecommerce platform powered by International Market Centers (IMC) is live with 1,500-plus brands with 3M SKUs signed on to participate and onboarding to JuniperMarket.  The participating brands, of which 50% are home and 40% are gift, offer buyers tremendous breadth and selection in one place.

“In January 2020, we announced the investment to build Juniper, and since then – despite unprecedented business disruptions – the Juniper team has forged ahead, onboarding more than 220 staff members to build, test, market and optimize a tool that is truly built for the industry, by the industry. The launch of JuniperMarket is a major milestone in delivering additional market opportunity and value for IMC customers,” said IMC CEO Bob Maricich.   

JuniperMarket launches with a breadth and depth of gift, home and lifestyle product from many of the most trusted brands in the marketplace. Beyond the core, specialty categories including seasonal, housewares/gourmet and fashion accessories have a strong and rapidly expanding presence on the platform.  The mix of established and emerging independent brands and sales agencies mirrors at-market sourcing channels, encouraging buyers not only to expand relationships with proven product from current vendors but also to discover new suppliers. New sellers and new products are added daily to JuniperMarket, keeping offerings fresh year-round, and enabling buyers to diversify assortments and maintain a competitive edge in their stores.

Connection to IMC’s 26 physical trade shows and buying events distinguishes JuniperMarket from other B2B wholesale platforms. For more information, visit

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