June/July 2022

Keeping the Home Fires Affordable – Home Décor Gifts at Discount, Variety and Floral Stores
For this article, store staff members and owners provided insight about their top sellers in the home décor category and how to find them, as well as the best ways for stores to sell more décor items.
Windchimes, Flags and Banners at Beach and Resort Stores
At stores that carry the tuneful chimes, a great selection allows every shopper to walk out with something — whether it’s an inexpensive gift or a patio trinket, a musical delight or an eye-catching accent.
More Than Merchandise – The Retail Picture at Hospital Gift Shops
Officials from hospital stores in Pennsylvania, Wyoming and Ohio were interviewed for this story covering gift sales.
Bonus Sidebar: When Retailers Don’t Draw a Winning Hand – Strategies for Slow Sellers

Surf Expo Special Beach and Resort Report

Taking Home Something for the Home – Quality Gift and Home Décor Best-Sellers at Beach and Resort Stores
Despite some supply chain issues, beach and resort stores are ready to provide the perfect take-home gifts for visitors and locals alike.
Where There Is No Shortage of Sales – T-shirt Trends at Beach and Resort Stores
A look at T-shirt sales at stores in Rhode Island, Florida and Nova Scotia.
Bonus Sidebar: What Are Your Most Popular Sunglass Styles and Why?

Las Vegas Souvenir Report

What Sells Best at the Beach – Souvenir Sure Sellers at Beach Stores
Souvenirs are plentiful at beach stores, and the stores that populate beach communities.
Reflections of Nature – Trends in Jewelry at Resort Area Stores
Shoppers love to take home gifts that remind them of their time away from home.
Giving a Cheer for Apparel Sales – Clothing Trends at Boutiques
Apparel trends for early summer this year appear to be focused on vivid hues and cheerful patterns, according to staff and owners at boutique apparel shops in California and Arizona.
Bonus Sidebar: Are Skirts and Dresses In or Out – and Why?

Serving a Public of Plant Lovers – Apparel at Botanical Gardens
Apparel and accessories still sell at botanical gardens, and shops are now offering distinctive and locally specific merchandise.
Merchandise that Is Perfect for Showers of Happiness – Baby Shower Gifts at Baby Stores
A look at how baby stores offer everything from gifts to everyday merchandise for babies.
Bonus Sidebar: Tips to Increase Buys for Baby – Top Customer Service Advice

Apparel and Accessories

Where Smaller Merchandise Can Create Bigger Sales
Accessories continue to be a strong category for independent boutiques.

IGES Features: Name-Dropped Merchandise Section

Souvenirs that Sell – Name-Dropped Merchandise Trends at Zoos, Caves and Caverns
How name-dropped merchandise is selling at stores in Pennsylvania, Washington, New Hampshire and Kentucky.
Selling Fun at the Park – Name-Dropped Gifts at Theme and Waterparks
The name-dropped gift and souvenirs picture at a selection of parks.

Licensed Products

Playing on a Winning Team – Licensed Sports Products at Sports Fan and College Bookstores
Sales are positive for college bookstores and sports fan shops, this story found.
Bonus Sidebar: What Do You Do with Slow-selling Licensed Sports Products?


The Challenge of Honoring Tradition – Trends in Native American Jewelry and Craft Sales
This story explores the challenges of selling Native American jewelry
and gifts.
Selling Jewelry at Hallmark Stores, Gift Stores and Pharmacies
Jewelry is a favorite purchase for customers at Hallmark and drug store gift shops.

Pet Gifts at Pet Boutiques

Pet Stores: Where Offering Quality Is Never Barking Up the Wrong Tree
Pet boutiques carry a wide range of gifts and essentials for their four-legged customers and the humans who love them.

ASD Value and Variety Merchandise Report
Back to School at Discount and Variety Stores
Thrifty shoppers turn to discount and variety stores for their back-to-school needs.
Snacks, Candy and Gourmet Products at Country and Candy Stores
For this article, SGN Contributor June Allan Corrigan interviewed officials from five stores to get a feel for snack, candy and gourmet product sales.
 Trends in Treats for the Senses – Soaps, Candles and Lotions at Resorts
Trends in scented products at resorts in Washington, Oregon and California.
Bonus Sidebar: Which Smells Spell Sales – Top Selling Scents in Soaps, Lotions and Candles

Christmas in July

Going All Out for the Season – Trends in Ornaments and Other Decorations
A general manager and an owner from two Christmas stores discuss best-sellers.
Bonus Sidebar: What Are the Trends in Christmas Colors? Why?

Games, Playthings and Plush

Finds for Families – Best-Sellers at Toy Stores
Best-sellers and toy trends may change, but toy stores are a great place to enjoy a wide selection of playthings.
Bonus Sidebar: What Do You Do With Slow Selling Merchandise?
Toy Best-Sellers at Children’s Museums and Public Lands Partner Stores
This story gets a feel for toy best-sellers at the unique selling environment of children’s museums and public lands partner stores.
Bonus Sidebar: What Is Your Top Staff Training Tip To Teach Customer Service?

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