June/July 2018

Las Vegas Souvenir and Resort Gift Show Section
Strong Sellers for Summer and Beyond – Beach Apparel and Accessories at Boutiques, Surf Shops and Resorts
Along with popular accessory items, for this article store staff members shared their best-sellers in apparel, and explained the strong appeal of apparel sold at their shops.

Bonus Sidebar: Top Tips for Upselling

Jewelry, Apparel and Gifts at Beach Stores and Resorts
Perspectives from beach and resort stores on selling apparel, jewelry and gifts.

Where Choice Rules – Souvenirs and Gifts at Resort Stores and Beach Shops
What are the top-selling souvenirs and gifts at beach shops and resort stores? Some answers will be familiar, while others may surprise.

Made in the USA Merchandise
Made in the USA Collectibles and Keepsakes at Country, Public Lands and Gift Stores
Products that are made in the USA are increasingly appealing to shoppers looking to support the local economy.

Gift and Hallmark Stores – Trends in Made in the USA Gifts and Home Décor Items
For this article, gift shops and Hallmark stores weighed in on their most popular U.S.-made items.

Bonus Sidebar: Made in the USA – A Growing or Shrinking Merchandise Category?

ASD Section
A Taste for Sales – Gourmet Foods, Snacks and Candy at Candy Stores, Florists and Gift Basket Shops
This article looks at trends in the food gifts that sell.

Back-to-School, Back to Sales – Selling More School Supplies
Trends in back-to-school merchandise.

Bonus Sidebar: Displaying Back-to-School Merchandise

Where Function and Fun Mix – Gifts and Toys at Garden Centers, Hardware Stores and Pharmacies
Contributing Writer Hilary Danailova interviewed five stores for their perspectives on selling gifts and toys.

Bonus Sidebar: What Was Your Most Successful Sale and Why?

IGES Section
Big Sales for Naming Names – Name-dropping at Resort Stores
Trends in name-dropped merchandise at resorts.

Bonus sidebar: Which Merchandise Sells Best Overall?

Getting Wearables to Sell Well – Apparel and Accessories Sales at Resort and Coastal Stores
Tips from resort shops and coastal stores to sell apparel and accessories.

Bonus Sidebar: Catering to Forgetful Folks – Stocking Travelers’ Most-Forgotten Items

Candles, Souvenirs, and Gifts at Wineries, Botanical Gardens, and Hallmark Stores
Why candles and themed gifts sell well for wineries, botanical gardens, and Hallmark stores.

 Bonus Sidebar: Are Candle Sales Bright or Sputtering?

Special Resort Section
Windchimes, Flags and Banners at Beach and Resort Stores
Selling windchimes, flags and banners as great take-home souvenirs.

Bonus Sidebar: Flag Sizes with Flying-High Sales

Gifts from the Coast – Best-Sellers in Waterside Towns
In this article, several shops in coastal settings revealed some of their best-selling gifts and explained why these items sell so well.

Bonus Sidebar: Are Tote Bag Sales Trending Up?

Pet-Related Gifts at Pet Boutiques
Helping Pets Thrive – Pet Shops Sales in Kennebunkport, New Orleans and New York City
Sales trends at three pet stores.

Bath and Body Products at Gift and Hospital Stores
Simple Stress Relievers – Soaps and Lotions to Soothe the Senses
In a stressful world where self-care is increasingly recommended, bath and body products can sell successfully in a variety of stores.

Bonus Sidebar: New Finds in the Bath and Body Category

Zoos and Aquariums
World’s Fair – How Global Gifts Breathe New Life into Charitable Efforts at Zoo and Aquarium Gift Shops
Quality gifts from other countries are available at the nation’s zoos.

Bonus Sidebar: Top Tips for Merchandising the Most Unique Global Gift Items

Name-Dropped and Logo Merchandise Best-Sellers at Zoos, Aquariums, and Museums
A look at trends in name-dropped and logo merchandise, as well as new items for summer 2018.

Apparel Section
The Garment Underground – Selling More T-Shirts and Apparel at Cave and Cavern Stores
Cave and cavern visitors don’t always come equipped with warm clothing to wear during their underground tours, and that’s when gift shop apparel can save the day.

Museum and Botanical Garden Gift Shops – Selling More Apparel and Accessories
The apparel and accessories picture at museums and botanical garden stores.

Bonus Sidebar: Still-Popular Socks Make Selling No Feat

The Story at Four Baby Stores – Selling More Apparel, Accessories, and Gifts
Great tips from four baby stores on how to create a merchandise niche and prosper.

Boosting the Bottom Line with Best-Sellers – Trends in Jewelry Sales at Boutiques
This debut article from Contributing Writer Kathryn M. Van Druff contains insights into best-selling jewelry and effective display tips to boost the bottom line.

Bonus Sidebar: Top Necklace Display Tips
What Is Unique at Boutiques – Coaxing Customers to Clamor for Jewelry
This story concludes that more jewelry sales can be realized by researching trends, sourcing unique pieces and creating thoughtful displays.

Games, Playthings and Plush
Fresh Fun for All Ages – Best-Selling Games at Independent Toy Stores
Why games aimed at older customers are winners for shops.

Toy Trends for This Year and Later
Retailers discuss this year’s toy sales picture.

Bonus Sidebar: What Is Your Best Idea for Displaying Games

Christmas in July
Holiday Sales in the Summer and All Year
Insights from stores that sell Christmas all year long.

Bonus Sidebar: What Sells Most for Christmas?

Stationery and Home Décor
Stationery and Home Décor – Calendars, Stationery, and Gift Wrap at Gift Stores
For this article, gift shop staff offered their tips to sell more calendars, stationery and gift wrap.

Bonus Sidebar: Top Tips to Sell More Frames

Bonus Sidebar: Top Selling Frame Styles

Helping Houses Get Beautiful – Home Décor and Gifts at Gift Stores
For this article, five stores discussed their home décor and gift merchandise.

Licensed Sports Products Fall Preview
Where Licensed and Logo Gifts and Apparel Score Big – Sports Fan and College Stores
How promotions help licensed and logo merchandise sales.

Bonus Sidebar: Hat Sales – Which Tops Are Tops

Special Feature – Creating Events at Stores
Events Are Essential
This special feature by retail expert and author Carol L. Schroeder examines how store events can generate sales.

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