June/July 2017

Resort Section
Tips for Top Sales – Selling More Bath and Body Products at Resorts
Why bath and body products are a great fit for resort shops.

Resort and Seaside Sales – The Retail Picture for Apparel and Gifts
A look at what is selling by the shore.

Sales that Fly High – Selling More Wind Chimes, Flags and Banners
How little home decor detail pieces such as wind chimes, flags and banners can generate big sales.

IGES Preview

Wild About Making Memories – Selling More Souvenirs at Zoo and Aquarium Gift Shops
A look at ways to boost souvenir sales.

Bonus Sidebar: Boost Sales By Selling What Sells Well  

Jewelry: Unique Gifts from the Museum
Tips to sell jewelry in museum settings.

Bonus Sidebar: Locking in Sales – The Old Jail Museum Story 

Showing to Sell – Tips to Sell More Apparel and Gifts at Resorts
For this story, resort shop staff offered their tips to boost sales and create top-notch displays. 

Easy Local Sales – Selling More Made in the USA Merchandise
For this article, store staff members explained what USA-made items sell best and why, as well as how to sell more of these items effectively.

Vendor Feature
 The Squire Boone Village story.

Christmas in July
Getting Gift-Givers Giving – Tips to Sell All Types of Presents
For this article, Christmas and gift shop managers and owners offered their tips to sell more gifts.  

Las Vegas Souvenir Section 
A Large Park Report Special Feature: Customized Souvenirs
In this special large park feature, Contributing Writer Chad Emerson examined the fast-growing trend of customized souvenirs and retail in the theme park industry. 

Swimwear, Gifts and Apparel – What Is Selling at Seaside Shops
Seaside store operators have a unique opportunity to offer a shopping experience guests cannot get anywhere else.

Edible Gifts, Sweet Treats and More – A Look at the Yummiest Summer Merchandise
Candy stores discuss the candy-as-gifts picture.

Pet Gifts 
Bow, Wow and Meow – Cool Pet Gifts – From Gourmet Treats to Toys and Apparel
The perspective on pet merchandise from three pet stores.

ASD  – Value and Variety 
Sales for School Days – Teacher Gifts and Back-to-School Merchandise
The sales picture for teachers’ gifts and back to school merchandise at a selection of stores.

Best-Selling Merchandise for Variety Stores
For this article, several variety stores offered information on their top sellers.

Selling More Gifts and Collectibles at Hallmark and Gift Stores
For this article, shop owners and staff discussed their top tips for selling more collectibles and gift items as well as describing some of their best-selling items.

Gem and Mineral Section  
Getting Gems Gone – The Sales Picture for Attraction Shops
A look at gem gift sales at three caverns and two museums in a debut article from Contributing Writer Romona Paden.

Wearable Art – The Best-selling, Most Standout Jewelry at Museum Gift Shops
The jewelry picture at a selection of museum stores.

Buoying Spirits with Baubles – Selling More Jewelry at Hospital Stores
A look at hospital gift stores and jewelry.

Bonus Sidebar: Silver or Gold-Colored Jewelry –
Which Sells Best? 

Plush and Toys 
Building Easy Sales – Selling Toys in Hardware Stores
A look at toy sales at a selection of hardware stores.

Simply Fun Playthings – Selling More Classic Toys and Games at Toy Stores
Toy retailers discuss how they meet the demand for classic toys.

Selling More Gourmet and Food Gifts, and General Gifts, at Public Lands Partner Stores
What is selling at Public Lands gift stores.

Selling More Gifts at Inspirational Stores
In this story, store officials shared some of their top tips for boosting sales and keeping customers happy.

Selling More Gifts, Personal Care Products and Candles at Pharmacies
These days, many pharmacies are doing well with gifts, personal care products and candles.

Advice to Sell More Quality Gifts at College and Museum Stores
A look at the gift selling picture at museum and college stores

Apparel and Gifts: Getting Customers to Go Baby Gaga
Trends in gifts at baby stores.

 Bonus Sidebar: Baby Gifts – Four Trends  

Licensed Merchandise 
The Sporting Life – Selling Licensed Team Gear from Coast to Coast
A look at licensed apparel and merchandise at stores in Philadelphia, Pa. and Los Angeles, Calif.

Home Decor 
Advice to Sell More Decorative Signs and Home Décor Items
For this article, a selection of stores shared tips on how they help customers choose signs and other home décor items.

Bonus Sidebar: Fancy or Plain? – Which Type Font Works Best on Signs? 

Zoos and Aquariums 
Getting Sales of Name-Dropped Items Soaring at Zoos and Aquariums

Tips to increase the sales of name-dropped merchandise.

Bonus Sidebar: Hitting the Mark: The Best-Selling Name-Dropped Items 

Bonus Sidebar: A Store Shares Its Secrets to Name-Dropping Success 

Tips to Sell More Fashion Accessories, Including Sunglasses, at Zoos and Aquariums
Anything featuring the attraction’s logo or its animals is a winning merchandise choice, retailers said in this story.

Bonus Sidebar: Tips to Sell More Fun Socks

Apparel and Fashion Accessories 
Tips to Sell More Apparel and Fashion Accessories at Museum Gift Stores
This article explores how to sell T-shirts, hats, jewelry and scarves effectively.

Bonus Sidebar: Where Tees are Tops

By-the-Book Sales – Selling More Apparel and Fashion Accessories at College Stores
How stores are selling apparel and accessories to customers on a budget.

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