January 2022

Special Gifts Section
The Perfect Gifts at Sports Fan and Minor League Stores
Trends in sports gifts, which are popular for both the fan or the fan in someone’s life.
Licensed Apparel and Souvenirs at Sports Fan Stores
A look at licensed merchandise sports team souvenir sales in Wisconsin, Florida, Pennsylvania and Michigan.
Bonus Sidebar: Top Selling Licensed Items for Kids
Country-Themed Merchandise – Country Giftware at Country Stores
At country stores from Alaska to New Hampshire, gift merchandise is a strong seller, interviews for this article found.
Bonus Sidebar: The Most Popular Animals Depicted on Gifts
Selling Pet Gifts at Pet Boutiques
For this article, four owners of pet boutiques and markets shared their tips on what sells best, selecting unique product and which toys dogs like best.
Bonus Sidebar: What a Dog Likes: Trends in Toys
The Sky’s the Limit for Some Museum Shop Shoppers
This article explores gifts that appeal to shoppers willing to spend a lot.
Bonus Sidebar: The Most Popular Least Expensive Gifts
Selling Coastal Gifts at Maritime Museum Shops
When visiting the gift shop at a maritime museum, a sea-themed gift is a likely purchase. So what’s topping gift lists these days?
Bonus Sidebar: Top-Selling Gifts for Kids
Selling Gifts at Gift Shops and Boutiques
Read this article to hear from five gift shop and boutique store owners for their take on selling gifts.
Bonus Sidebar: Tips to Prevent Theft
Affordable Presents – Gifts at General, Discount and Variety Stores
Contributor Hilary Larson interviewed three owners and two managers at stores in New Hampshire, Vermont, California, and Kansas for this interesting look at trends in gifts at discount and general stores.
Apparel and Accessories
Apparel and Accessories Trends at Resort Stores
Bonus Sidebar: Top-Selling Gifts at Resort Stores
Trends in Apparel and Accessories at College Stores
College stores interviewed for this story found apparel and accessories sales to be a mixed bag of increases, and for one store, downturns, from 2019.
Bonus Sidebar: What Are Your Logo Merchandise Best-Sellers?
Mining for Apparel Sales Gold – Trends in Apparel and Accessories at Apparel Stores
Some trends, like neutral colors and wider-legged jeans, are evident at boutiques across the country. But others are specific to a region, a neighborhood or even a subculture, this article found.
Cozy Choices for Children – Best-Selling Baby Apparel
According to this article, which features comments from four baby store owners, comfort and functionality, as well as a stylish look, were trends in baby apparel this past year.
Bonus Sidebar: In or Out? The Long and Short on Dresses

Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Nurse’s Day
Trends in Gifts at Stationery, Hallmark, and Floral Stores
For this article, store staff and owners discussed what sells best for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Nurse’s Day.
Home Décor
Sowing Sales – Home Décor Merchandise Trends at Botanical Garden Gift Stores
Home décor is a popular category at botanical garden gift shops, this article found.
Bonus Sidebar: What Are Your Top Customer Service Tips?
Hospital Retail Trends Report: Jewelry Trends
For this article, our contributor reported on hospital shop jewelry trends.
Bonus Sidebar: The Mission Behind Hospital Gift Shops
Trends in Jewelry Sales at Boutiques and Jewelry Stores
Small, delicate jewelry is taking center stage sales-wise, retailers interviewed for this story reported.
Bonus Sidebar: What Are Your Top Jewelry Display Tips?
Jewelry Trends at Caves and Caverns
This article covers what is selling well in the jewelry category.
Public Lands Partner Stores
Best-Selling Souvenirs at Public Lands Retailers
A look at how gift and souvenir merchandise fits in to the education and conservation missions of public lands.
Bonus Sidebar: Top Staff Training Tips
Snacks, Candy, and Gourmet Products
Trends in Edible Gifts at Candy Stores
Sweet treats abound at candy stores.
Halloween Section
Scaring Up Sales – Halloween Trends at Party Stores
Party retailers interviewed for this article reported strong demand for costumes and piñatas themed around witches, skeletons, pumpkins, and vampires. 
Going Big for the October Season – Halloween Decorations at Hardware Stores
A look at Halloween merchandise trends at hardware stores in 2021.
Games, Playthings and Plush
 Toy Best-Sellers at Toy Stores
For this article, toy retailers took a look back on 2021’s best-sellers as they prepared for the New Year.


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