January 2021

Special Gifts and Home Décor Section
Looking Around While Hunkering Down – How Shoppers Are Seeing Ways to Improve Living Spaces with Home Décor Gift Boutique Buys
How the pandemic has created interest in giving and receiving home décor gifts.
Bonus Sidebar: Top Tips to Display Home Décor Items
Art Museum Shops Tout Stationery and Handcrafted Items
Stationery and handcrafted items remain staples at many art museum shops.
Bonus Sidebar: Crafts From Around the World
Country Charm with All the Fixins – Country Giftware and Edible Gifts at Country Stores
For this article, SGN’s Contributor spoke with five store owners about the edible gifts and giftware picture.
Selling a Wave of Gift Choices – Beach and Resort Personal Care, Candles, and Coastal Gifts
A look at great-selling gifts, personal care and pampering products that are selling well at resort-area shops
Bonus Sidebar: Arranging for Great Sales – Top Display Tips for Gifts
Presents to Celebrate Parents – Drug Store and Gift Store Quality Gifts for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day
 How retailers make the most of special occasions to honor parents.
Bonus Sidebar: SGN Asked – What merchandise do you have that would appeal as Nurse’s Day gifts?
Bonus Sidebar: SGN Asked – What merchandise do you have that would appeal as graduation gifts?

Apparel Section
Dressing for Home – Apparel Best-Sellers at Resort and Beach Shops
Despite the pandemic, people still want to update their wardrobes, especially if they are shopping during a weekend get-away, this article found.
Bonus Sidebar: Selling Tips for Sunglasses and Hats

Jewelry Report
68 Where Beautiful Locales Meet Stylish Adornments – Jewelry at Resort and Beach Stores
For this article, two retailers in vacation spots each give their perspectives on selling jewelry.

Zoo and Aquarium Retail
Sure-Selling Souvenirs – How Two Facilities are Faring During the Pandemic
In this article, officials at a zoo and an aquarium discussed retail trends after re-opening.
Bonus Sidebar: What Are Kids’ Favorite Souvenirs?

Games, Playthings and Plush
What’s Trending in Toys – Best-Sellers at Baby, Hardware, and Toy Stores
How the 2020 winter holidays changed toy sales at a selection of stores.
Bonus Sidebar: Are Puzzles Still a Piece of the Profits Picture?

Licensed Merchandise
Fanning Fan Fever – Selling Licensed Merchandise to Serious Sports Followers
Despite the pandemic, jerseys, caps and T-shirts were still selling well in 2020.
Bonus Sidebar: When the Customers Are Kids, What Is Selling?

Party Store Report
Springing into Sales – St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, and Spring Merchandise at Party Stores
For this article, four retailers discussed how they have been coping with the effects of the pandemic on their stores.

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