January 2020

Special Gifts and Home Décor Section
Bringing the Art Home – Décor Gifts at Museums
Contributor Natalie Hope McDonald interviewed three museum officials for this interesting look at gifts offered by museum stores for the home.
Bonus Sidebar: Playing a Winning Hand with Handmade Gifts
Native American Merchandise – Best-Selling Gifts, Jewelry and Personal Care and Edible Items
A look at Native American handcrafts.
 How It Is Going with Giving – Best-Selling Gifts at Gift Stores
What gifts are top sellers at gift stores nationwide? For this article, shop owners and staff members described their most popular items.
Bonus Sidebar: Finds without Fans – Today’s Unpopular Gifts
Simple Décor Solutions – Candle Trends from Candle Stores
A selection of candle stores discuss current industry trends.

Personal Care at Coastal Boutiques
Where Sales Are Natural – Trends in Soaps and Lotions
This article discusses the latest personal care trends for shoppers.
Bonus Sidebar: Great Scents for Soaps

Pet Gifts at Pet Boutiques
Presents for Puppies and More – The Gift Picture at Pet Boutiques
Four pet store owners discussed merchandise trends in this article.
Bonus Sidebar: Harnesses or Collars – Which Are More Popular?

Fashion Forward – What’s In, Out, and New for Independent Stores
How boutiques keep up with the most formidable trends while still knowing one’s customer base.
Bonus Sidebar: Apparel Trends to Watch in 2020
Best-Dressed Babies – Apparel Trends for the Very Young
There are definite styles trending for today’s babies.
Bonus Sidebar: Color Trends – Black Apparel
Bonus Sidebar: Are Onesies Still the Ones?

Fashion Accessories and Gifts – Lighting the Way for Sales at Resorts
How vacation nostalgia informs some resort store purchases.
Bonus Sidebar: Top Finds for the Forgetful

Gift Report
New Year: Gift Shop Insider – A Pop-up Shop and Best-sellers at Museum and Zoo Shops Around the Country
Contributor Natalie Hope McDonald interviewed three sources for this interesting article on gift trends
Bonus Sidebar: Gift Shop Trends to Watch in 2020

Quality Gifts
High Quality in the Healthcare Setting – More Expensive Gifts at Hospital Stores
For this article, four hospital gift shop officials discussed the kind of quality gifts they offer and what prompts shoppers to buy.
Bonus Sidebar: International Nurses Day – Which Type of Gifts Will Sell Well for the Occasion?
Presents for Parents – Gifts for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day
Trends in Mother’s Day and Father’s Day merchandise.
Bonus Sidebar: What Is In the Cards for Greeting Cards

Gifts Inspired by Nature
 Botanical Garden Stores – A Garden of Gift Sales
Trends in garden-themed merchandise at botanical gardens.
Bonus Sidebar: Apparel for Blooming Sales

Country Stores ∙ Snacks and Candy
Local Flavors for Local Patrons Plus Tasty Options for Tourists
A discussion of the edible merchandise category at a selection of country stores.
Bonus Sidebar: What Are The Top-Selling Foods at Your Discount Store?

Cave and Caverns
Name-Dropped Merchandise to Remember Natural Marvels
For this article, store personnel discussed name-dropped merchandise.

Jewelry Trends at Jewelry Stores
Unique jewelry trends are revealed by a selection of store officials interviewed for this article.
Bonus Sidebar: New or Tried-and-True – Engagement Ring Trends
Getting Schooled in Selling Jewelry – Jewelry at College Stores
The jewelry category at college stores is addressed in this interesting article.

Zoo Retail
The Souvenir Picture at Zoos
Making memories from a zoo visit is a specialty for zoo stores.

Plush and Toys
If It’s Tactile, it Could Be Trending – Plush and Playthings Sales at Toy Stores
Officials from four toy stores discuss the popularity of plush, games and even craft kits.

Licensed Merchandise
Gifts at Fan Stores to Fan Sports Fever
Hot styles and colors come and go, but in many cities, the best-selling licensed sports apparel shows pride for the local team, this article found.
Bonus Sidebar: What Are Your Top-Selling Hats?

Party Store Trends
What Is Selling for Celebrations – Occasions and Merchandise that Keep Party Stores Profitable
Birthdays, especially for young children, are the occasions that keep many independent party stores in business.
Bonus Sidebar: Is Biodegradable Tableware a Trends? Why or Why Not?

Great Gifts in Unexpected Locales
Presents at Pharmacies, Florists and Hardware Stores
Pharmacies, florists and hardware stores that offer gifts were interviewed for this article.

Your Working Brain
Three Ways to Make 2020 the Year of the Brain
For this article, Melissa Hughes, PhD, examines the connection between lifestyle and brain health.

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