January 2018

Candles, Scented and Bath and Body Merchandise 

Store Profile: Frazzleberries Country Store
The story of how a brick-and-mortar family store has survived and thrived for over two decades. 

Scents from the Sea – Selling More Personal Care Products with a Beach and Sea Theme at Coastal Stores
Sweet sales can be realized at coastal stores that offer products featuring scented merchandise.

Bonus Sidebar: The Scent of Success with Room and Linen Fragrances 

Surf Expo – Seaside and Beach Stores 

Selling More Jewelry and Gifts with a Seaside and Beach Theme at Seaside Stores
All year-round, retailers said, people at the beach want low prices, nautical themes and whimsical, unique gifts.

Bonus Sidebar: Appealing to Teens with the Right Jewelry  

Everything for Everybody – Hats, Bathing Suits, Cover-Ups, Dresses, Skirts, and Sandals at Seaside and Beach Stores 
When it comes to beach apparel and accessories, stocking merchandise that’s good quality and versatile and that offers a touch of trendiness, uniqueness and comfort are key, this article reports. 

Sports Museums
 Racing to the Finish Line for Sales
A look at how sports museums win sales.

Las Vegas Market 
Attending to Trends – Las Vegas Market Attendees Discuss the Gift and Souvenir Climate
A discussion with attendees regarding the much-anticipated Las Vegas Market. 

Bonus Sidebar: Attendees’ Have High Expectations for the Las Vegas Market 

Tips to Stock Best-Selling Quality Gifts and Home Décor Items at Resort Gift Stores
To find quality gifts and home items that will sell, retailers increasingly look to suppliers in their own backyards.

Bonus Sidebar: What Is Your Best-Selling Home Décor Item and Why? 

International and Local Merchandise 
Special Souvenirs – International and Local Merchandise at Zoos, Aquariums, Boutiques and Museums
Why having a mix of internationally crafted items and locally made merchandise is key to enhancing sales.

ASD Section 
Hospital Shop Gifts – Jewelry to Lift Moods and Morale
A look at jewelry sales at hospital gift shops.

Picture Perfect Gifting – Best-sellers at Gift, Hallmark and Party Stores
The distinctive items that are doing well at gift, party and Hallmark stores.

Bonus Sidebar: The Party After the Procession – Best-Sellers for Graduation Season at Party Stores 

Gifts at Botanical Gardens and Garden Centers
What methods are successful to sell gifts at botanical gardens and garden centers.

Special Greeting Card/Stationery Report 

Gift Store Greeting Card, Stationery and General Gift Best-Sellers
For this article, four gift stores in different parts of the country revealed their top-selling greeting cards plus identified some general gift best-sellers. 

Bonus Sidebar: Funny or Serious, Which Cards Sell Best?

T-shirt Best-Sellers at Boutiques, Apparel Stores and Museum Gift Shops
What kinds of T-shirts sell best?

Bonus Sidebar: Flyweight versus Heavyweight – Does Thin or Thick T-shirt Fabric Sell Better? 

Bonus Sidebar: Merchandise Bags – Custom or Commonplace?

Inspirational Stores – Apparel, Gifts and Fashion Accessories for Inspired Sales
For this article, store owners and staff offered tips on how to create strong sales for apparel, gifts and fashion accessories at inspirational stores. 

Bonus Sidebar: Inspirational Store Sellers – Apparel and Jewelry 

Born Stylish – The Best Apparel Colors and Styles at Baby Stores
SGN spoke with five baby stores to reveal the colors and styles that capture shoppers’ imaginations.

 Bonus Sidebar: Keepsakes for Beginners

Special Spotlight on Souvenirs

Natural Takeaways – Selling More Souvenirs at Public Lands Partner Stores
A look at the popular souvenirs at public lands stores.

Jewelry Section

Tips to Clinch a Sale – Best-selling Jewelry at Gift Stores
This story features jewelry selling tips and jewelry best-sellers from five gift stores. 

Bonus Sidebar: True Colors – Which Color Stones Sell  Best

That’s a Wrap – Innovative Jewelry Packaging Ideas
A look at how several shops present their jewelry selections.

Adding Adornments – Selling Jewelry at Pharmacies and Country Stores
A look at selling jewelry in stores shoppers might not think of as spots to purchase accessories.

Gems and Minerals  
Gifts that Rock – Best-Sellers for Rock Shops
For this article, rock store owners and managers from New York to California discussed which gifts are the most popular at their stores, and what will be new this year.

Zoo and Aquarium Section 
Get Guests to Go Wild Over Wildlife-Themed Fashion Accessories and Home Décor
The sales picture for a variety of gifts at zoo and aquarium shops.

Making the Merchandise Fit the Fun
Designing Great Custom and Name-Dropped Merchandise at Zoos and Aquariums

Signs Section 
How to Sell More Signs at Gift and Hallmark Stores
Why decorative signs are a great gift choice.

Toys, Games and Plush 
Best-Sellers for Wild Sales  – Toys and Plush at Zoos, Aquariums and Museums
Toys and plush are often a top-selling category at zoo, aquarium, and museum gift shops. 

Selling More Games at Toy Shops
A look at game sales at toy stores in Kentucky, Washington, Arizona and New York.

Figuring Out Fun – Selling More Puzzles, Games and  Plush
Even pharmacies and hardware stores can do well selling playthings

Gift Roundup 
Adding Gifts to the Merchandise Mix – Gift Best-Sellers at Hardware Stores, Florists and Variety Stores
While shoppers might not head into a florist or hardware, discount or variety store for gifts, they may be surprised at the merchandise options they find there.

The Sweetest Sales – Selling More Gourmet Gifts, Candy and Snacks at Candy Stores
How unique flavors, homemade confections and great customer service help candy stores compete with chains and other retailers in the candy gift marketplace.

Bonus Sidebar: Sending Guests Home with the Right Wrapping

The Back Story
Store Profile – The Retail Space at Seattle’s Space Needle

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