January 2017

Halloween Show Section
Where You Can’t Disguise Selling Success – Costume Trends at Costume and Party Stores 
This article covers costume trends as observed by stores in Georgia, Texas, Massachusetts and South Carolina.

Selling More During Halloween and Fall – The Party Supplies and Decorations Picture at Gift Stores
Gift store staff members discuss successfully selling Halloween and
fall-themed gifts.

Special Features for the New Year
Tailoring the Gifts to the Audience – The Retail Outlets of the Land Between the Lakes
Retail strategies from The Land Between The Lakes National Recreation Area.

What’s New Out in the Woods – Retail Trends at Campgrounds
A look at campground retail in South Dakota, West Virginia, Missouri and Tennessee.

Selling More Gifts for People and Pets at Pet Stores
A look at some of the best-selling gift items in five pet stores across the country.

Lighting Up Sales – Candles at Gift Stores and Boutiques
In this article, candle purveyors weigh in on top scents, top products and how to increase candle sales.

Smells That Sell – Scented Bath and Body Merchandise at Pharmacies and Health and Beauty Stores
Natural ingredients, organic scents and local flavor. That’s what customers are looking for in the scented bath and body category, according to this article.

Chasing Down Profits – Best-Selling Wine Accessories at Wineries
Trends in gifts at wineries.

Beach and Surf Section
Apparel at Resorts – Trends in Selling Both the Practical and the Impulse
Resorts in Washington, Colorado, Florida and California discuss trends in selling apparel.

Bonus Sidebar: Best-Selling Clothing Items at Resort Stores

Sailing Into Increased Home Decor Sales – Directions from Maritime Museums and a Boston Pewter Shop
Advice on selling home decor from three maritime museums and a pewter retailer.

Bonus Sidebar: What’s New in Home Décor for 2017?

Naming Names Near the Surf and Sand – Selling More Name-Dropped Merchandise at Beach Stores
With visitors eager to bring back a memory of their stay, beach stores do a great business with their name-dropped merchandise.

Home Decor
Selling More Gifts and Home Décor Items at Gift Stores
Gift-selling strategies from gift stores in Washington, New York and Maryland.

Bonus Sidebar: Do You Sell Any Gifts that Benefit Charitable Causes? 

Fast Deals for Fashion Accessories – Selling More Jewelry and Hair Accessories
At discount and variety stores, jewelry and hair accessories are business staples, and this article looks at how to sell more in these categories.

Selling More Souvenir Jewelry – The Story at Waterparks, Theme Parks and Museum Shops
Waterparks, theme parks, and museum gift shops are all great places for visitors to pick up jewelry as a gift or souvenir.

Tips for Sparkling Sales – Selling More Jewels and Gems 
Jewelry may look shiny on a website, but nothing compares to seeing  sparkling merchandise in person.

Bonus Sidebar: Silver-or Gold-Colored Jewelry, Which Sells Best?

An Inspirational Jewelry Experience – Two Shops, Two Stories
The inspirational jewelry picture at two stores.

Display Section 

Perfecting Your Presentation – Tips on Displaying Gifts from Florists
For the florist/gift shop owner, the principles of flower arranging can also be applied to displaying items in their gift sections.

Bonus Sidebar: Best Display Advice for Crowded Stores – Tips from Hawkins Variety Store 

Apparel · Spotlight on Apparel Boutiques
A Look at Two Boutiques: Different Shops with a Similarity for Success
Officials from Pinup Girl Clothing and Chelsea’s Boutique discuss trends.

Bonus Sidebar:  A Boutique’s New Take on Denim

College Stores – Advice to Sell More T-shirts and Hoodies
For this article, college store staff members offered tips to sell T-shirts and hoodies and revealed what items are best-sellers for their shops.

A Baby Merchandise Boom – Gifts, Trends and Fun Items for Infants
A look at the retail picture at two baby stores.

Zoos and Aquariums
Sales on the Up and Up – Selling Apparel at Zoo and Aquarium Gift Shops
By displaying apparel in attractive ways, appealing to your demographic and employing good customer skills, you can take your apparel sales to new heights.

Bonus Sidebar: Great Advice to Sell More Shirts

Creating High Interest for High-End – Selling More Quality Gifts
In this article, zoos nationwide discuss the sales of high-end gifts.

How to Get Plush and Toys Sales Soaring
A look at ways to increase the sales of merchandise for children.

Bonus Sidebar: The King of the Gift Shop

Special Occasion Gifts
Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Graduation – How Stores Meet the Gift Demand
The big spring occasions – Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and graduations – are opportunities for gift shops around the country to sell more feel-good merchandise items.

Plush and Toys
Rock-Solid Sales – Plush and Toys at Cave and Cavern Gift Shops
Advice on best-selling plush and toy items.

Bonus Sidebar:  Best-selling Name-Dropped Toys

Easy Back to Basics Toy Sales at Hardware Stores
Perspectives on selling toys at hardware stores from businesses in North Carolina, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania and California.

Bonus Sidebar: Tips for Attracting Customers to the Toys

Bonus Sidebar:  Where the Shoppers Are Never Bored – Toy Store Tips to Sell More Board Games

Public Lands Partner Stores
Real Retro – Hot Products at Two Public Lands Shops
A look at the souvenir picture at two public lands parks stores.

Country Stores Section
An Impulse to Earn – Why Edible Gifts Are Great Bets for Increased Sales
Gourmet food and snacks are the ultimate spur-of-the-moment buy  and the gift that suits everybody — and that’s what makes them so popular at country stores.

Big Sales for Simple Merchandise – Tips to Sell More Signs at Country Stores
A customer favorite at gift and souvenir shops, decorative signs are also reliable best-sellers at many country stores around the country.

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