Getting Creative for Successful Selling
March/April 2018

Scott C. Borowsky

The detail work of choosing just the right merchandise can lead to a big picture in your store of goods that will sell. How you choose these items is part knowing your clientele, part instinct, and many parts luck and timing. Don’t get discouraged if a gift choice that promises success by meeting a criteria just doesn’t appeal to your shoppers. Missteps are an inevitable part of doing business and serve as a learning experience to apply to future buying.
Each issue of Souvenirs, Gifts & Novelties (SGN) offers ads to inspire new purchases coupled with independently-produced editorial that illuminate trends and give valuable advice from real retail experts – your store colleagues from around the country. The vendors who choose to put their confidence in SGN by advertising with us know they will reach retail decision-makers for great results. And the stores owners, managers and buyers who participate in interviews for articles written by our team of Contributing Writers offer insights that might otherwise never get disseminated.

Apparel is a strong category for our readership, and each spring the magazine offers a special focus on wearables and accessories. This issue is no exception and we bring you a special “Apparel Report · Advice for Best Sales Results” that includes stories about apparel and fashion accessories at boutiques, botanical gardens, public lands and beach, resort and outdoor-merchandise retailers. Also in the section are fast-to-read bonus sidebars that cover shoplifting, how flowers influence product design at botanical garden shops, top-selling T-shirt colors, best-selling hats, footwear and sunglasses and selling more baby apparel and fashion accessories.

The apparel and accessories section is extensive, but there is so much more to read about in this edition. For example, in the Stationery Section, there are stories on trends and display tips for stationery and greeting cards and on selling more signs at resorts. And in the Pet Gifts section we offer the story “Best-Sellers to Bark About – How to Sell More Pet Gifts at Pet Boutiques.”

Museums offer a solid platform to sell all types of merchandise, from high-end to inexpensive. This issue includes coverage of selling quality and gem and mineral gifts and home accent items at art and science museums, and doing well with coastal-themed and nautical gifts at maritime museums.

The issue also offers stories on Christmas trends, jewelry, licensed merchandise, sports souvenirs, edible gifts, personal care products and candles, zoo and aquarium shops, toys and more.

I hope you enjoy the magazine. Please email me at, or call 610-645-6940 with your comments, questions or suggestions  and I will reply to your note or call personally.

Scott C. Borowsky
President and Executive Editor
Souvenirs, Gifts & Novelties magazine

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