February 2022

Games, Playthings and Plush
Toy Roundup – Sensory Toys, Toys for Adults and Kids, and Musical Toys at Toy Stores
A look at some of the top playthings trends, from fidget toys to many other types of diversions.
Bonus Sidebar: Getting in Tune with Musical Toy Trends
One-Stop Locations for Health and Fun – Toy Trends at Pharmacies
For this article, pharmacy staff members offered their takes on what sells best when it comes to playthings.
Bonus Sidebar: Advice to Pharmacies – How to Do Well
Selling Toys
Toys for the Times – Learning Toys and Outdoor Toys at Children’s Museum Shops
From Squishables plush to bubble poppers, sensory toys are tops this year at children’s museum stores, this story found.
Getting Kids Loving to Learn – Toy Trends at Baby Stores
How baby stores stock toys to meet shopper demand for early educational tools.
Bonus Sidebar: Striving for Standout Sales – Display Tips from Baby Stores

Gift Report
Beach-Themed Gifts and Merchandise Trends at Coastal Gift Stores
In this article, find out from interviews with three shops what’s trending in beach-themed gifts and merchandise, and how to increase sales.
Offering a Taste of the Country – Selling Gifts at Country Stores
A look at country store sales, with food a standout seller, at stores in New Hampshire, Pennsylvania and New Jersey.
Bonus Sidebar: What Is Your Top Customer Service Tip?
Selling an Experience – Gifts at Cave and Cavern Stores
For this article, store managers and staff offered information on their top gifts and why these merchandise items are big sellers.
Bonus Sidebar: Getting Great at Connecting with Customers – Top Customer Service Tips

ASD Gift and General Merchandise Special Report
Selling Gifts at Variety and General Stores, and the Latest Decorative Signage Trends
Contributor Carime Lane interviewed officials at stores in Branson, Mo., Paint Bank, Va., Billings, Mont., and Sevierville, Tenn., for this story on
gift best-sellers.
Bonus Sidebar: Trends in Decorative Signs
Trends in Getting Gift Sales Flourishing at Florists
This article found that some florists offer a selection of gifts as an add-on to flower arrangements, or as a sole purchase.
Trends in Inspired Sales – Jewelry at Inspirational Stores
Metaphysical/inspirational retailers explained in this article that jewelry pieces can have deeper purposes than accessorizing an outfit.
Sales Trends at Hospital Shops
While other areas of retail rebounded in 2021, it can be understood why hospital retailers faced ongoing challenges due to the pandemic. 
A Great Idea for Sales – Apparel at Public Lands Partner Stores
Included in the merchandise mix at Public Lands Partner Stores is often a robust selection of apparel items.
Bonus Sidebar: Are Socks Still Hot Sellers?
Home Décor
Licensed Home Décor Merchandise at Sports Fan Stores
Licensed home décor gifts can be a perfect fit for sports fans’ homes. In this article, retail officials at fan stores in Missouri, Arizona, Ohio, and Indiana gave their perspectives on selling these types of gifts.
Gourmet Gifts
Sweet Treats for Trying Times – Gourmet Gifts at Candy Stores
For this article, Contributor June Allan Corrigan interviewed candy store owners in East Longmeadow, Mass., Mesilla, N.M., Pueblo, Colo., and Idaho Falls, Idaho, to discuss candy gifting and trends.
Bonus Sidebar: Are Customers Looking for Small Treats or for Big Boxes of Candy?
Personal Care Products
Cleaning Up at Soap Shops – Trends in Toiletries and Soaps
Soaps, toiletries and candles are selling well in the current climate.
Bonus Sidebar: Is Scented Merchandise In or Out?
Aquarium Report
Where the Animals Can Inspire Sales – Jewelry Trends at Aquarium Stores
For this article, Contributor Hilary Larson interviewed officials at five aquariums to discuss jewelry sales trends.
Party Stores
Halloween and Christmas Best-Sellers at Party Stores
Wearable Christmas decorations were a hot category, while Halloween revelers snapped up classic costumes, this article found in reviewing last season.

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