February 2021

Where Tees are Tops – T-shirt Trends at Zoos and Aquariums
For this article, retail officials from three zoos and an aquarium were interviewed about T-shirt trends.
Bonus Sidebar: SGN Asked – Are classic T-shirts selling, or do more sophisticated T-shirt cuts that mimic expensive shirts sell better?
Warm Weather Wearables – Apparel for Summer at Boutiques in Resort Locales
This article offers perspectives on top-selling summer and resortwear items.
Bonus Sidebar: What’s Your Top Apparel Display Tip?

Jewelry Report
Jewelry Trends – The Evolution of Jewelry Sales During and After Shutdowns
This story offers interviews with store owners in Massachusetts, Michigan, and California.
Where the Art Is the Star – Jewelry Adds Sparkle to Sales at Museum Shops
Museum shops offer quality and variety when it comes to the jewelry selection.
Bonus Sidebar: Over-The-Top or Understated? Which Earring Sizes Sell Best?

Gift Report

Gift and Outdoor Merchandise Report – Growing Gift Sales at Botanical Garden Shops
For this article, buyers from botanical garden shops in Alabama, Iowa, and Utah offered their perspectives on gift trends.
Bonus Sidebar: Are Statuary Sales Still Standing Tall?
Hot Sellers for the Home – The Home Décor Gift Picture at Boutiques
Home décor is a hot-selling item for giving and receiving these days.
Bonus Sidebar: Top Tips to Display Home Décor Items
Gifts at Waterside Stores – Capturing Coastal Magic with Special Merchandise
 When it comes to quality gifts, coastal stores have an ocean of items to offer.
Bonus Sidebar: Top Theft Prevention Tips
Country and Candy Stores: Trends in Edible Gifts
In these pandemic times, the appeal of edible gifts has continued.
Bonus Sidebar: Selling Sweets – A Little or A Lot?

ASD Gift and General Merchandise Special Report

Making the Customer Count – Best-Selling Merchandise at Pharmacies, Variety, and Discount Stores
For this article, five store owners and staff members described their top sellers, as well as their customer base.
Bonus Sidebar: Tips from the Experts – Display Advice from Owners, a Supervisor, and a Manager
Bonus Sidebar: Pandemic Operational Changes: Which Are Permanent?

Name-Dropped and Custom Products

Where Souvenirs Sell – Name-Dropped and Custom Products at Zoos
Purchasing name-dropped and custom products at zoos is still part of the fun for visitors.
Bonus Sidebar: Displaying Name-Dropped Items at Zoos
What’s Sure-Selling and What’s Not So Successful – Name-dropped and Custom Products at a Selection of Nature-Oriented Stores
A cave, a cavern, and two public lands stores were interviewed for this article.
Where the Name of The Game is Sales – Sports Licensed Products at Sports Stores
For this article a store owner, a general manager, and a selection of other managers, were interviewed to discuss sales trends.
Bonus Sidebar: What Are Your Top Licensed Gifts for Women?
How Scent Sells – The Personal Care and Candle Picture at Boutiques
For this article, SGN’s Contributor gathered advice from several boutique owners on selling all things scented.
Bonus Sidebar: Which Scents Sell Best?

Games, Playthings, and Plush

Great Additions to the Fun – Plush and Toy Sales at Water and Amusement Parks
Retail officials at amusement parks and waterparks were interviewed for this interesting article that covers plush and toy sales trends.
Bonus Sidebar: Popular Plush at Water and Theme Park Shops
Fun Distractions for the Times – Game and Puzzle Best-Sellers at Toy Stores
Games and puzzles have been a pandemic leisure activity solution.
Bonus Sidebar: Simple or Complicated Directions? Which Board Games Sell Best?

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