February 2019

Toy Fair and Annual Plush Report ∙ Games, Playthings and Plush

Toy and Museum Shops – Maximizing Sales of Games, Puzzles, and Craft Kits
    While the merchandise focus is primary on children, there are plenty of fun diversions for the whole family at toy and museum stores.

Bonus Sidebar: Are Craft Kits Gaining or Waning in Popularity
Bonus Sidebar: Focus on Plush
Trends in Higher-Tech and Lower-Tech Toys at Independent Toy Stores
   Analog is what parents want at the toy store, since kids get plenty of tech exposure already, this article found.
Bonus Sidebar: Which Board Games Do Teens Like Most? Why?
Bonus Sidebar: Are Dolls Selling? Why or Why Not?
Encouraging the Purchase of Playthings – Tips to Sell More Toys and Plush
    Toys are an easy add-on purchase at a variety of stores.
Advice from Toy Stores – Displays to Dress Up Stores and Drive Sales
    A look at display strategies from toy stores nationwide.
Bonus Sidebar: Who Makes Up Your Displays and How Are They Trained?

Home Accents and Signs

Advice to Sell More Home Accents and Signs at Country, Floral and Gift Stores
   While home décor is not necessarily the focus at the stores interviewed for this article, each proprietor has wisely curated items designed to cater to customer whims.
Bonus Sidebar: Gifts that Give Sales a Hand – Top-Selling Hand-Crafted Gifts

Best-Selling Merchandise Categories at Museum Shops

A Look at What Is Being Collected Among the Collections
   In this article, an SGN Contributing Writer interviewed retailers from six museums to discuss their best-sellers.

ASD Gift and General Merchandise Special Report

Best-Selling Merchandise at Discount and Gift Stores
   Although variety and discount retailers may carry more inventory for the cost-conscious customer than a standard gift boutique, their goal is the same—to provide their customers with the goods and services they need.
Bonus Sidebar: The Merits and Downsides of Discounting
Selling More Gifts and Home Goods at Discount and Dollar Stores and at Specialty Shops
   For this article, store staff members discussed how they choose the merchandise that will sell well.
Bonus Sidebar: How Discount and Specialty Stores Serve their Demographics
Selling the Party Basics and More – Trends in the Party Supply and Décor Industry 
   With an ever-growing demand for unique party supplies and décor, retailers interviewed for this article said business has never been better.
Bonus Sidebar: Whether for Occasions or Anytime, Ornaments Sell


Best-Selling Apparel at Apparel Boutiques and Baby Stores
   Top-selling apparel at clothing boutiques and baby stores varies, and selling techniques for garments increasingly includes social media.
Bonus Sidebar: Do Gifts Appeal to Shoppers in Stores Where Apparel Is the Focus?
Selling More T-shirts at Museums, Colleges, Public Lands Partner Stores and Aquariums
   Great graphics make all the difference between a T-shirt that sells like hot cakes — and another that languishes on the rack.

Beach, Resort and Spa Stores

Selling Garments for Warm-Weather Wear – Summer Apparel and Resort Wear at Beach and Resort Stores
   Best-sellers in summer apparel and resort clothing vary around the country, but tips for selling more of these clothes remain remarkably consistent, this article found.
Bonus Sidebar: What Sells Best for Boutiques?
Spa and Resort Shops: Maximizing Sales of Personal Care Products
How spas and resort increase the sale of personal care items.
Bonus Sidebar: Best-selling Quick-Selection Gifts


Where Selling Jewelry Pays – Cave and Museum Bauble Best-Sellers
    For this article, shop staff members discussed best-selling jewelry pieces, and how they draw attention to their jewelry items.
Bonus sidebar: Best Jewelry Buying Practices
Pearls of Wisdom – Best-Selling Jewelry at Hallmark, Inspirational and Gift Stores
    Among gift retailers’ various categories of merchandise, jewelry remains one of the most consistent best-sellers due to its versatility, broad appeal to various customer bases, and wide-ranging price points.

Licensed Merchandise Special Report

Feeding Fan Fever – Souvenir and Sign Best-Sellers at Sports Fan and Sports Museum Stores
   Fan stores and gift shops at sports Halls of Fame know and respect fan fever, and stock just the right souvenirs and signage.
Bonus Sidebar: Best-Selling Inexpensive Souvenirs at Sports Fan and Museum Stores
The Best-Selling Licensed and Logo Gifts and Team Merchandise at College and Stadium Stores
Sports are by nature seasonal, so retailers of licensed and logo team merchandise at college and stadium stores are prepared for sales that fluctuate, depending on the time of year.
Bonus Sidebar: What Is Your Best-Selling Inexpensive Licensed Item?

Gems, Minerals and Quality Gifts

Turning Your Gem and Mineral Gift Sales into a Gold Mine – Advice from Museum, Cave and Rock Shops
How can owners and managers of museum, cave and rock shops scale new heights with sales of their gem and mineral specimens?
Bonus Sidebar: How Display Can Enhance the Sales of Gem and Mineral Jewelry
Curating Quality Gifts – Selling Higher-End Merchandise at Art and Museum Gift Shops
   While there will always be those shoppers who are in search of a small trinket or quick souvenir, museum gifts shop buyers and managers must also curate interesting and unique higher-quality displays.
Bonus Sidebar: Souvenirs that Perform – Inexpensive Mementos at Performing Arts Venue Shops

Edible Gifts: Gourmet Food, Mixes and Candy

Food Gifts – Why Consumables Can Work as Practical Choices
Whether a shopper pick-me-up or a thoughtful add-on gift, snacks and candies are winning merchandise choices.
Bonus sidebar: Is Chocolate Best-Selling or Do Other Candies Take the Cake?
Palate-Pleasing Gifts – Best-selling Food Products at Museum Gift Shops
   For this article, five museum officials offered their opinions on and insights about food gifts.

Zoos and Aquariums

Making Custom a Custom at Your Store – Advice to Create the Best Name-Dropped and Custom Gifts
How stores find name-dropped and custom best-sellers.
Bonus Sidebar: All-Time Best-Selling Name-Dropped Items

Special Occasion Trends

St. Patrick’s Day and Easter Merchandise at Hallmark, Religious and Irish stores
St. Patrick’s Day and Easter carry religious and cultural undertones, offering opportunities for shops to cater to their customers with just the right merchandise.
Bonus Sidebar:Top-Selling St. Patrick’s Day and Easter Toys

Halloween Merchandise

From Décor to Costumes – Halloween Sales Trends at Party and Gift Stores
   From costumes to home décor, Halloween merchandise is enjoying popularity as demand grows.
Bonus Sidebar: Predictions for Best-Selling Costumes at Year-Round Costume Stores

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