February 2018

Toy Fair Special Section · Toys Through the Ages 
Popular Toys for Babies and Toddlers
A look at the baby and toddler toy picture at a variety of stores.

Tween Toy Favorites
Read this article to discover how four toy stores in different locales cater to the mercurial tween age group. 

Puzzles and Games: What’s Selling for Adults at Toy Stores
How a selection of toy stores serve the adult demographic. 

Bonus Sidebar: Name-Dropped Newcomers Slated for 2018 at Zoo and Aquarium Shops

ASD Special Report 
Buying Best Bets – Tips to Stock Unique Home Decor, Collectibles and Name-Dropped Gifts
Advice on buying the best merchandise.

Best-Selling Merchandise at Country and Variety Stores
This story reveals how three unique stores cater to their customer base and sell more merchandise.

Personal Care and Beauty Products 
Selling More Personal Care and Beauty Products at Pharmacies and Yoga Studios
For this article, two pharmacies and two yoga studios revealed how they sell more personal care and beauty products within their establishments.

Bonus Sidebar: What Is Your Favorite All-Natural Beauty or Personal Care Product?

Sales Trends at General and Gift Stores 
Country Stores Must be Versatile to Succeed
How country stores compete with big box and internet stores

Stocking Best-Selling Gifts at Gift Stores and Boutiques
For this article, retailers surveyed at shops large and small gave their tricks for enhancing the odds of stocking a top seller.

Cures for Sales Ills – Display Tips from Hospital Stores
In this article, five gift shop managers share display tips that work for them.

Bonus Sidebar: What Is Your Top Tip to Prevent Theft in the Hospital Store? 

Best Buys for Better Sales – Where Plush and Gifts Are Always In Demand
A look at what is selling at a variety of stores.

Halloween Show and Merchandise Preview 
What’s the Spooky Sales Picture? – Halloween at Party Stores
From costumes to tablecovers, what Halloween merchandise sells best varies by region and depends on the local clientele.

Outdoor/Garden Feature
Gift Best-sellers at Florists and Garden Centers
A look at the gift best-sellers at florists and garden centers.

Tips to Sell Inexpensive Gifts at Botanical Gardens
This article looks at best bets for inexpensive gifts at botanical gardens.

Bonus Sidebar: What Is Your Best-selling Apparel Item? 

Apparel and Fashion Accessories 
Inspiring Shoppers to Consider Apparel and Accessory Purchases at Inspirational Stores
For this article, inspirational store owners and staff offered their tips to raise shoppers interest in adding apparel and fashion accessories to their purchases.

A Fanfare for Fanwear – Licensed Apparel and Souvenirs
Selling the sports merchandise that fans want.

Resort and Beach Stores 
Selling More Gifts, Apparel and Souvenirs at Beach Stores
This article discusses the merchandise that is selling at a selection of beach stores.

Tips to Sell Seasonal Apparel at Coastal and Resort Stores
This article explores the apparel selling picture at coastal and resort stores.

Bonus Sidebar: Sunglasses – Which Are More Popular: Wire or Plastic Frames? 

Bonus Sidebar: What Are the Hot, New Summer Apparel Items? 

Warm Weather Wearables – Selling More Sunglasses and Summer Accessories
Merchandise  that can’t be beat in the warm weather.

Bonus Sidebar: Beach Bags – Is Canvas or Plastic Best

Gems and Minerals · Caves, Caverns and Rock Shops 
Advice to Sell More Gem and Mineral Home Décor and Jewelry Gifts
Tips from the experts on selling gem and mineral gifts.

Bonus sidebar: Best-selling Gift and Jewelry Items  

Merchandise for Teens – How More Upscale Independent Boutiques Are Reaching Teens
Contributing Writer Natalie Hope McDonald interviews two independent stores regarding reaching the teen market.

Bonus Sidebar: The Hard Sell: Tips For Reaching The Coveted Teen Market 

Tips to Sell More Jewelry, Pins and Souvenirs
A look at packable souvenirs at Public Lands Partner Stores 

On Display – The Best, Most Creative Ways to Showcase Jewelry
A look at jewelry display techniques from the experts.

Bonus Sidebar: Inside the Cloisters – How the Metropolitan Museum of Art Selects and Displays Its Jewelry

Zoo and Aquarium Section 
Name-Dropped Merchandise at Zoos and Aquariums
Contributing Writer Sara Hodon interviewed a selection of zoos and aquariums to get their perspectives on name-dropped merchandise.

Going Small for Big Sales – Baby Animal-Themed Merchandise at Zoos and Aquariums
A look at popular merchandise themed to baby animals.

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