February 2017

Toy Fair Special Section
A Profile of Play – Rochester, N.Y.’s Strong National Museum of Play
A look at Everything for Play!, the gift store at The Strong National Museum of Play in Rochester, N.Y.

Bonus Sidebar: Toys that Sell Handily – A Puppet Sales Snapshot 

Chasing Down Toy Sales –  Selling More Playthings at Zoos and Aquariums
In this article, staff members offer their take on their most popular items and how to improve sales.

Displays that Encourage Play – Plush and Toys at Gift and Hallmark Stores
Display and pricing advice from retailers in California, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Michigan.

Winning Strategies to Sell More Toys, Games and Puzzles
This story explores some of the ways to win at selling more toys, puzzles and games.

Bonus Sidebar:  Pieces of Advice for Increasing Puzzle Sales

Gift Store Report

What Teens Want – Teens’ Top Souvenir Picks
Store owner discuss how to appeal to the teen demographic.

Selling Quality – Moving Higher-End Gifts
Personalized service and factors such as location work together to sell more quality gifts. 

Tasteful Remembrances – Selling More Edible Gifts
Tips to sell tasty edible gifts.

Following the Signs Down Country Roads – Selling More Signs at Country Stores
Retailers discuss sign sales and offer advice to sell more signs.

Bonus Sidebar: Funny or Serious Signs – Which Sell Best?

Lighting Up Sales – Selling More Candles and Personal Care Items
Candles and personal care items can represent a significant source of revenue for stores. 

Value and Variety Store Section 
Tips to Sell More Gifts and General Merchandise at Discount and Variety Stores
Key merchandising and sales strategies from discount and variety store officials. 

Home Sweet Décor – Three Radically Different Approaches to Discounted Retail
A look at doing business at three discount stores.

Bonus Sidebar: Four Simple Tips for Success

Bonus Sidebar: Goods for the Greater Good – Inside New York’s Housing Works

A Gift Store Round-Up – Gift Best-Sellers and Tips to Sell More
Tips from store officials on how to improve gift sales.

Creating No-Brainer Sales – Giving Jewelry a Try at College Stores
Stores discuss their top-selling items jewelry items their tips to improve jewelry sales.

Bonus Sidebar: A Jewelry Hot Spot – Frances in Phoenix, Ariz. 

Adding Sales with Adornments – Selling More Jewelry at Museum Stores
Tips to sell more jewelry at museum shops.

Be a Gem at Selling Jewelry – Inspirational Stores Share Their Secrets to Success
The jewelry story at a selection of inspirational stores.

Resort and Seaside Stores

A Fun Impulse for Beach Baubles – Tips to Sell More Jewelry at Resort and Beach Stores
How retailers sell jewelry in a wide price range at resort and beach shops.

Where Understanding the Customer Pays – Selling More Apparel at Resort Stores
Apparel remains a top category at resort store shops.

Making the Price Right – Selling More Gifts and Collectibles at Resort and Beach Stores
How stores are operating in a challenging retail environment.


Hey, Baby! – The Cutest Gifts and Apparel at Independent Shops Around the Country
A snapshot of gift and apparel sales at a selection of baby shops.

Bonus Sidebar: Five Tips for Selling More Baby Goods

Selling More Sweatshirts and T-shirts at Caves and Caverns
Why sweatshirts and T-shirts are staples at cave and cavern shops.

Bonus Sidebar: Spotlight on Gem Mining

T-shirts to Go – The Stories of How Two Gift Shops on Public Lands Sell Tees
The successful product category of T-shirts does well for a variety of stores, including public lands souvenir shops.

A License for Wearable Loyalty – Apparel at Minor League Baseball and Sports Fan Stores
Sports fans of all kinds – minor league and major league enthusiasts alike – enjoy showing love for their team. Sports fan stores and minor league baseball shops share their top apparel sellers and tips to sell more licensed apparel.

Bonus Sidebar: Making a Play for Sales – Strategies to Sell Shirts

Zoo and Aquarium Section 

Fashion Accessories at Zoos – Selling Sunglasses, Socks and Hats
Why practical souvenirs can do well in the zoo souvenir shop.

Best-Selling Souvenirs at Zoos and Aquariums
A look at which souvenirs are selling at zoos in Canada and Texas and at a Connecticut aquarium.

Name-Dropped and Custom – Best-Selling Souvenirs at Zoos
Name-dropped and customized merchandise costs more to produce, but can generate winning sales.

Hospital Section  
Operation Nurse’s Day – How Two Hospital Gift Shops Get Ready
How two shops honor nurses on Nurse’s Day and every day with the right merchandise selections.

Special Occasion Merchandise
Selling More Holiday and Christmas Merchandise at Country Stores
In this article, store owners and staff discuss their top sellers and how to improve holiday sales. 

Outdoor and Garden Merchandise

Cultivating Gift Sales at Botanical Gardens, Florists and Hardware Stores
Tips on selling more gifts at locations where gifts are not always top of mind.

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