Dreaming Up Better Business Practices – November/December 2021

Scott C. Borowsky

Innovation is key to keeping your store fresh, inviting, and worth spreading the word about. So don’t doubt yourself or whatever you are imaging as the right way forward for your business. Independent or smaller retail outlets are a reflection of their inhabitants, so get in touch with what you really want your store to say, and communicate with your staff members, who might have hidden gifts for display design or buying. Get to know your own store on a daily basis by tuning into what it is saying to customers with everything from the color of the walls and the configuration of the displays to the pricing and merchandise selection. And don’t be afraid to make changes bigger and smaller.
In each issue of SGN we interview your colleagues around the country for their opinions and experiences regarding merchandise display and buying, sales trends, the effects of the pandemic, and many other topics. These retailers have been generous with their time by taking a few minutes from their busy schedules to speak with or email with members of our team of talented contributing writers. We also include twice a year our Profiles in Excellence feature. This feature lets vendors who are also advertisers in the issues tell the stories of their companies in their own words. Don’t miss the Winter installment of the profiles, which are spread throughout this issue.
Also in the edition is a special Surf Expo Section that offers stories on home décor, decorative signs, boardwalk candy, souvenirs, and apparel. And our apparel section covers apparel and fashion accessories.
Jewelry is another strong category for our readership, and the jewelry section looks at jewelry, apparel and accessories sales at caves and caverns, and at jewelry sales trends at boutiques and gem and mineral stores.
We also cover logo and licensed apparel trends at college stores, quality and garden gifts at garden centers, the sales picture at soap and candle stores, holiday gift sales at museums, and many other topics.
Myself and an SGN colleague recently attended the Smoky Mountain and IGES trade shows in Tennessee. We found the shows to be positive and busy, and a good indication of a recovering industry. We wish you a profitable holiday season, and hope you enjoy this edition. Please get in touch with your comments, questions, and suggestions by emailing editorsgnmag@kanec.com or calling 610-645-6940. We also have a presence on Facebook and Twitter, and invite you to visit our sites.

Scott C. Borowsky
President and Executive Editor
Souvenirs, Gifts & Novelties magazine

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