CMT Can Handle Sourcing and Manufacturing in Asia

 Savvy direct buying retailers and industry suppliers work with CMT to create and deliver their imported products on time and on budget. CMT is an American-owned, custom product design and development company with a United States-based design team and manufacturing bases in Southeast Asia and China. The company’s China-based team are your ‘boots on the ground’ experts and the buying office overseeing your projects in real time.

CMT can handle everything including product development, sampling, packaging, sourcing and manufacturing, timeline and quality control. They act as the importer providing warehousing and full logistics via their West Coast distribution center and delivery to your door. All transactions are domestic with full accountability. Engage with CMT on your upcoming projects. 

(Contact Rich Caplan for details on how you can save time and money. For more information, email or circle 289 on the reader service card.)

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