Cape Shore Offices Are Going Green

Cape Shore is taking measures to reduce their impact on the environment at their corporate office location in Yarmouth, Maine. In collaboration with Revision Energy, Cape Shore will install a solar array on the roof of their corporate headquarters that will satisfy the company’s annual electrical needs. This initiative will offset one hundred thousand pounds of carbon emissions, or the equivalent of not burning 5,111 gallons of gas. Other measures include: a comprehensive recycling program, including a compost program that aids the growth of the company garden, and elimination of non-reusable kitchen utensils, drink and dishware. 

“We are taking steps, large and small, towards reducing our carbon footprint. This effort starts at home in our corporate office and warehouse facility. We all benefit as we move toward a carbon free environment and we are excited to continue exploring additional actions we can take, in collaboration with our customers, vendors, and employees, to further reduce our impact on the planet.” said Michael Perfetti, president of Cape Shore. 

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