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January 2016

Scott C. Borowsky President and Executive Editor

Scott C. Borowsky
President and Executive Editor

As you start a new year, we wish you the best of luck in all of your retail endeavors, whether you are striving to rethink your displays and bringing in new merchandise or trying new staff training methods and resolving to attend more trade shows.
In this issue we offer special sections and the best original stories featuring business insights and retailing strategies from your industry colleagues all over the country. You cannot find this type of targeted, business-building coverage anywhere else. Our vast selection of advertisers also cannot be beat in terms of putting engaging merchandise on your radar as you seek to improve your retail offerings.
Editorial in this big issue includes a special section to commemorate the Halloween and Party Expo in New Orleans that includes stories on home décor, gifts, supplies and costumes. We will be attending this show, as well as the Atlanta, Philadelphia, Toronto and New York trade events, and also Surf Expo in Orlando. The edition also offers a section that covers candles, scented and bath and body merchandise and an interesting story on pet merchandise. We also cover Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Nurses’ Day and graduation season, theft and playthings at zoos and aquariums, plush and toys at museums, caves and caverns, apparel, jewelry and fashion accessories at Minor League Baseball fan stores, gift stores and baby stores, a special spotlight article on T-shirts at public lands partner stores and colleges and more.
Unique and fun to shop, country stores spark an emotional connection with customers, and our coverage of these outlets is unmatched. In this issue we offer stories covering selling more edible merchandise and how to stock the best gift and home décor items. You can also get the licensed merchandise picture by reading interviews with managers of sports fan, college and Hallmark stores. Additionally, this issue’s The Back Story feature offers tips to improve balloon sales.
SGN is also always packed with the latest product news and these snapshot stories describe merchandise that may just prove to be your store’s next best sellers. For even more opportunities to improve your business, please send your email address to and you will receive vendor product updates and our new and improved eNewsletter.
I hope that you enjoy the issue. Please email me at with your comments, questions and suggestions and I will be happy to respond to your note personally.
Scott C. Borowsky
President and Executive Editor
Souvenirs, Gifts & Novelties magazine

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